Are You Sending the Right Messages to Attract What You Want In Your Business?

As entrepreneurs, we think a lot about brand messaging. The conventional definition of messaging is the way you talk about your brand to your target audience — taglines, web copy, social posts, newsletters, etc.

All of those things are important, of course. But we want you to also think about messaging in a broader way. When it comes down to it, everything you do in your business sends a message. Sometimes those messages tell your audience who you are. And sometimes you’re sending messages that are attracting what you want, what you think you deserve or what you’ll settle for.

We know we got pretty deep on you there, so let’s look at examples of how this plays out in different aspects of your business:

  • When you focus on the things that are going wrong or not working, you actually invite more of what you don’t want into your life. Your whole energy sends the wrong message to the world.
  • If your website looks rushed and shoddy, the message to your audience is that this is what your work will be like, too.
  • If your website and other marketing collateral don’t convey who you really are, you won’t form a connection with the clients or customers you want to attract. You’re not sending them a message that you understand and like them.
  • If you aren’t clear about your expertise, you send a message to clients that they don’t have to respect it, either.
  • If you’re irresponsible with the financial side of your business, you attract people who’ll take advantage of you. (This is true for your your personal life as well.)
  • If you’re vague about deadlines, you send a message that your time isn’t valuable.
  • If your blog content isn’t highly tailored to the audience you want to attract, they won’t get the message that they’re in the right place and that you’re the best business to serve them.

When we work with clients at DesignGood, we help them become aware of all the messages they are sending and then to align all their messages around their goals. We’d love to do the same for your business. To open the conversation, schedule a call with me now.

Much love and lots of gratitude,

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