9 YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe to Now

The next time you have a break and need some compelling viewing, check out our nine favorite YouTube channels. They embody the things we’re all about at DesignGood.

1. Hope For Paws

Based in Los Angeles, Hope For Paws rescues dogs and other animals from the most dangerous situations. As advocates for abused animals, this nonprofit fights for animals that are at most risk of never receiving comfort and companionship from people. Watch harrowing stories of rescue and rehabilitation on the Hope for Paws YouTube channel and get inspired to rescue a pet of your own.

2. House & Home

We’re not sure why so much good home design comes from Canada (weather challenges?), but this enlightening and approachable home and garden channel offers thousands of videos on remodels and garden overhauls. Bonus points for decorating tips and DIY projects.

3. Skoll Foundation

Founded by eBay co-founder Jeff Skoll, the Skoll Foundation funds social entrepreneurs tackling the world’s most pressing issues. Each year the nonprofit hosts a world forum at Oxford, England, where delegates mingle with global visionaries. Tickets are hard to come by, but watching (and being inspired) is free thanks to the org’s YouTube channel.

4. iamOTHER

Musical artist Pharrell Williams started this YouTube channel to celebrate creative thinkers, innovators and outcasts. With over 1 billion views, iamOTHER challenges us to explore a new way of thinking about ourselves, our legacy and our world.

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