9 Can’t-Miss Ethical Fashion Brands

From poor environmental practices to questionable conditions for employees, the fashion industry isn’t exactly known for its ethical practices. But thanks to the growing slow fashion movement, fueled in part by organizations like Fashion Revolution and documentaries like “The True Cost,” shoppers are beginning to take note.

In Part 2 of our series on independent, ethical fashion designers (here’s Part 1, in case you missed it) we’re bringing you a few (more) of our slow fashion favorites:

1. Bon George

L.A.’s Bon George is new in the fashion world – its second collection launched this past February – but its designs, styling, direction and commitment to sustainability show the expertise of a brand that’s been around for years. Bon George’s key philosophy? Keep it conscious. Learn more here.

2. Constant Simplicity

Founder Atnyel Guedj has seen the fashion industry from all angles. After working as a fashion merchandiser in London and Paris, he moved to China, where he managed factories and later launched his own e-commerce business. Disenchanted with the typical fashion production cycle, he decided to launch a brand – Constant Simplicity. This brand-new ethical fashion line uses a Life Cycle Assessment to make the best decisions when it comes to both sourcing and manufacturing.

3. Proud Mary

Perfectly marrying minimalist design with bright, poppy colors and patterns comes flawlessly to Proud Mary owner Harper Poe. This Charleston, S.C.-based e-store uses a clean aesthetic to display its home and lifestyle accessories, sourced from all over the world by Harper herself.


After getting tired of designing for a major U.S. retailer, BRYR founder Isobel decided to dedicate her time to something a little more slow-paced: making shoes. She began her business in late 2014 and now spends her days hand-making clogs with quality leather and traditional European wooden bases. Color us obsessed.

5. WomenWeave

Since the line launched in 2002, WomenWeave has stayed dedicated both to the art of the hand loom and to providing sustainable income for weavers. Through the production of handwoven scarves and shawls, WomenWeave employees a staff of women in central India’s Maheswar, where over 2,000 weavers work in the hand loom industry. The results are beautiful.


Thanks to this socially and ecologically responsible Aussie brand, even your jammies can be both stylish and ethical. (We’re loving the killer patterns and colorways, too.) Learn more about ALAS’ mission and its organic sourcing and production process here.

7. Soothi

With a tagline like this –  “…because your style is a visual representation of your values” – Soothi basically had us from the get-go. This line of sustainably produced jewelry and accessories is as gorgeous as it is inspiring. Learn more about Soothi’s mission here.


Founder Arati Rao took a trip to India in 2010 and rediscovered her ancestral roots. While there, she fell in love with handloom textile traditions, and TANTUVI was born. All pieces are hand-dyed and produced by Ikat weavers in South India in an effort to pass down the trade, and the tradition.

9. Tribe Alive

Through the creation of handbags, pouches and jewelry, Tribe Alive works to provide gainful employment to female artisans in marginalized societies. All pieces are responsibly handmade – just one more reason to fall in love with this beautiful ethical fashion brand.


Portions of this post were sponsored by Soothi, WomenWeave and Constant Simplicity – businesses DesignGood very much believes in and is more than happy to work with. Thank you for supporting those that help keep DesignGood going. If you have any questions, contact us @designgoodnow

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