How to Build A High-Vibe Brand: Pulling It All Together

Everything you’ve done so far with the High-Vibe Entrepreneur Method has been leading up to one thing: the creation of a high-vibe brand that naturally and authentically builds your business and your audience.

And make no mistake: A high-vibe brand does speed your path to success. High-vibe brands attract attention faster, and they sustain that attention. They call to the people you want to be working with. They are magnetic. There is something that draws you to them.

So what does a high-vibe brand look like and feel like? And how can you continue to hone your high-vibe brand? That’s what we’re talking about today as we conclude our series on the High-Vibe Entrepreneur Method.

What High-Vibe Brands Do

You know this yourself as a consumer: Nobody wants to be sold to anymore. We’re tired of it. We’re looking for a more meaningful experience and connections with the brands we do business with.

High-vibe brands create this experience. Here’s why.

They’re built on passion. Earlier, we talked about the importance of your Business Identity — the unique gifts, talents and passions you bring to your business. Those shine through in your brand. High-vibe brands aren’t about jumping on a bandwagon or doing anything just to get money. Your audience can see that, and they respond to it.

They make an impact. High-vibe brands center on your Business Purpose — the distinctive way you can make a difference in this world or the problem you’re obsessed with solving. Consumers gravitate toward brands with a higher purpose. That’s especially true for millennials, 60 percent of whom consider themselves “belief-driven” buyers. You’ll often see high-vibe brands incorporate giving or social good in a way that further advances their business purpose.

They laser focus on their particular audience. The great thing about being a high-vibe brand is you don’t have to be everything to everybody. You have a very specific group of people you serve. That group may be 100 people, or 10,000 people, but your beliefs are and values connect. You won’t see a high-vibe mimicking the look and voice of another brand. Everything a high-vibe brand does is designed to connect with that brand’s ultra-specific audience. A high-vibe brand offers products and services that make sense and that genuinely benefit its audience. High-vibe brands never lose sight of who they are, and they speak from a place of truth at all times.

They go their own way. High-vibe entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to forge their own paths and do things differently. That results in fresh brands that find innovative ways to serve their audience. High-vibe brands might even create their own market or segment. Their originality, innovation and creativity makes them stand out.

They’re part of a tribe. High-vibe brands promote, buy from and collaborate with like-minded business. They know that success comes from building community and participating in that community.

They know a great brand isn’t skin deep. Some people think that “branding” is what your business looks like visually. But high-vibe entrepreneurs know that their brand is much more holistic. We like to say that your brand is what people think about and how they feel when they think about your business. That’s affected by your story and the way you tell that story through visuals and words. But it’s also affected by every single interaction — in person, on the phone, via email or on social media — your audience has with a brand.

They’re cohesive. High-vibe brands feel the same and deliver a consistent message through all of those touch points. Every part of a high-vibe brand works together seamlessly. Your product packaging has the same visual personality as your website. Your email newsletters sound like the way you present yourself during in-person meetings. Prospects get a sense of who you are just by scrolling though your social feed. This consistency happens because everything is coming from a place of authenticity. It also shows dedication and professionalism, which customers pick up on.  

They just feel right. High-vibe brands are created with care and intention. You’ve been deliberate in deciding how you want to show up in your business, which infuses everything you do with an extra level of polish and professionalism. Your audience will pick up on all of this. It enhances your credibility and inspires their trust and confidence.

To sum it all up, customers love high-vibe brands because they convey passion and purpose. They tell a compelling story — through words, visuals and every interaction — that resonates deeply with their audience. The best way to understand this, though, is by exploring some of the high-vibe brands DesignGood has created. Each is distinctive, and each was developed through the same deep work you’ve been doing during the High-Vibe Entrepreneur Method series. As you conclude this process, we’d love to hear how it’s changed your business. We would also welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you as you continue the journey of high-vibe entrepreneurship. Schedule a call with me to learn more.

Much love and gratitude,

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