Sunni Brown

Sunni Brown was so busy spreading her big ideas about visual thinking that her branding hadn’t kept up with her growing acclaim. That’s where we came in. We updated her brand to instantly get across her one-of-a-kind expertise. We also designed her book “The Doodle Revolution,” as well as a direct mail promotion campaign. When the book was released, it became a business best-seller on Amazon.

Brands We’ve Built:

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  • website
  • visual identity
  • logo
  • book design
Happy DesignGood Client

‘Elegant Ideas + Powerhouse Talent’

Sunni Brown | Sunni Brown | Best-Selling Author

Our brand has an international reach and a stellar reputation, but for years our visual identity left something to be desired. The elegant ideas and powerhouse talent behind DesignGood helped us raise the bar on other people’s perception and awareness of our brand. My only regret: I wish we had collaborated with them earlier.