9 Jewelry Designers That Give Back

Add some sparkle to your life while you help make the world a better place. Now if that isn't a great reason to go shopping, we don't know what is.


At DesignGood, we’re suckers for good jewelry and feel downright incomplete without our favorite pieces. But when it comes to our jewelry and whom we buy it from, not just any source will do. As with our clothing, the crafters who make the jewelry, where they source their materials and how they run their businesses truly matter to us. That’s why we’re bringing you our favorite jewelry designers today. Each company on our list both makes beautiful pieces and contributes to causes that are as awe-inspiring as their designs. Continue reading

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Jenn + Ken Visocky O’Grady Will Tell You Exactly Why There Is Value in Design

These two professors and authors help the worlds of design and business talk with each other (and help you get paid what you deserve)


Stop us if you’ve heard this before, designers: Some clients just don’t get it. They don’t understand why great design is important, and why it’s worth the price tag. They say things like, “Aren’t you just making things look pretty?” (Shudder!) You try to explain, but they just look at you blankly. You know what they’re thinking: Those weird creative types. Continue reading

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9 Business Books For The Modern Entrepreneur

These authors show us that you do have enough time to pursue your dreams and that you don’t need a million bucks to start a business


As an entrepreneur, you might be sick of the self-improvement genre telling you what to do, when to do it and how to do it. When you’re busy managing your business, you don’t need to read something that tells you you’re doing it all wrong. You won’t find any titles like that on our list. We believe that these are the only nine books you need to get your game on and to thrive. Continue reading

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Bright and Beautiful: A Lighthouse in the Lives of Girls in Rural China

T-shirt entrepreneurs and summer-camp founders Chenxi Ouyang and Juliet Zhang fight to give forgotten girls a more hopeful future


Like many other summer campers, the girls at the very first Bright and Beautiful Summer Camp are doing everything from sampling arts activities to talking about all the changes of growing up. They’re making friends and making memories. But all the fun, learning and camaraderie are extra important for the girls of Bright and Beautiful. Continue reading

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Embrace your inner girl," Chenxi says. "Don’t be afraid of being vulnerable or being too emotional because that’s what a girl is like."

9 Street Artists You Should Follow and Support

These city-dwelling superheroes are making urban life a little easier on all of us, thanks to their artistic talent and their passion for community.


From the constant noise pollution to the actual pollution, let’s face it –sometimes the bright lights, big city lifestyle can be a little overwhelming. Luckily, street artists have come to the rescue. Continue reading

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