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9 Inspirational Design Blogs

Need a shot of inspiration? These super-inspiring blogs and online platforms offer the best in art, design, architecture, technology, business and more. Get ready to take notes.


When we interview creative people, we often ask them where they find inspiration. Their responses we get vary pretty widely, from travel to magazines to inspirational figures. And there’s definitely something to be said for the masses of inspiring artists, designers, writers, photographers and general creators that you find online. It was tough to narrow it down, but in today’s Design9 we’re sharing the nine design blogs that inspire us the most. Continue reading

Sustainable Furniture That’s Stylish — and Cardboard

Form Maker proves that cool furniture can also be eco-friendly. Here's how a flash of inspiration grew into sustainable furniture brand.


During a visit to a local workshop in Shanghai, architect Kira Pan discovered Re-board, a rigid paperboard that is lightweight yet durable and eco-friendly. Kira started creating cardboard furniture of the material that was both great looking and safe for the environment — a combination that’s music to our ears! Continue reading

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9 Socially Conscious Holiday Gifts

Looking for cool gifts that will thrill your recipients AND put some goodness out into the world? Our latest gift guide has you covered.


In our first gift guide, we shared holiday gifts – from bamboo bikes to books — made by folks we’ve featured here on DesignGood. But one gift guide wasn’t enough for us. There are more socially conscious companies out there than ever, which means you have more options than ever for selecting beautiful, meaningful gifts that give back. Now let’s finish up that shopping! Continue reading

Handmade Jewelry, With Compliments Included

Former English teacher Melissa Camilleri blends her love of words and knack for design to create a jewelry business that gives back. We say: A+!


The story of many jewelry designers goes like this: Crafty type creates a jewelry design and begins to wear it. Crafty type receives compliments and decides to try a hand at design. New designer opens business, finds retailers and lives happily ever after. Continue reading

Want to know what Melissa is up to next? Follow @shopcompliment on Instagram and let her know how much you love her designs. And while you’re at it, consider giving Compliment jewelry to a loved one (or even yourself) this holiday season.

9 Podcasts for the Creative Entrepreneur

Ready to download? It's time to pump up your playlist with innovative ideas, fun facts and awesome advice.


Pop those earphones in for today’s Design9 as we bring you nine podcasts perfect for the creative entrepreneur. Whether you’re stuck in rush-hour traffic or at home planning your next project, tune in to get your fix of inspiration, creativity and business advice from the biggest names in the industry. Continue reading