Why Starting Over Isn’t Really Starting Over

Jane Mosbacher Morris made a BIG career leap: from the State Department to social entrepreneurship. Now the founder of TO THE MARKET shares her advice on starting over even when it seems scary.

Why Starting Over Isn't Really Starting Over | DesignGood
Jane Mosbacher Morris

It’s a tough spot to be in: You’ve worked hard to create your career, and you’re doing pretty well — but now you’re realizing you were meant to do something else entirely. Your dream lights you up. It makes your heart race. But it’s also intimidating. It doesn’t fit your familiar self-image or others’ image of you. And it’s hard to think about being back at square one again. Jane Mosbacher Morris, the founder of TO THE MARKET | Survivor-made Goods, wants you to know that starting over doesn’t mean starting from scratch. And she should know: She went from working at the State Department to being a social entrepreneur who economically empowers survivors of abuse, conflict and disease by selling their wares and telling their stories. Here, Jane tells us about her own career transition and shares what you should know if you’re at the same crossroads she faced. Continue reading

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9 One for One Brands Changing the World

The one-for-one model means that when you shop, you also give. What could be better?


Make every penny you spend count by choosing brands that give back to those in need. Following the one-for-one model popularized by brands like TOMS Shoes, these brands that truly exemplify the idea of good design meets doing good. Continue reading

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Pet Portraits Artist Shares His Tails of Success

Bryce Dishongh ditched his day job to draw dogs and cats in fancy clothes. In this interview, the top dog of pet portraits gets real about what it's like to start an illustration business.

Pet Portraits Artist Shares His Tails of Success | DesignGood

In spite of the financial security his technical writing job offered, Bryce Dishongh knew the “10-year old artist” in him still wanted to create. So one day he sat down at his desk, pulled up a new Word document and began to outline the business plan that would lead him to Coat & Tails, a digital pet portraits business inspired by his love for art and his gorgeous rescue dog, Bess.

Bryce’s humility and determination are an inspiration for many rising artists on the same creative path. Learn how he tackles the challenges of both his art and in running his Austin, Texas-based business. (Our interview is edited slightly for length and clarity.) Continue reading

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Follow Your Dreams: 5 Steps That Work

Ready to bring something exciting to your life? Jennifer Hirsch of the storytelling firm Marked Point breaks down what it takes to follow your dreams.

Follow Your Dreams: 5 Steps That Work | DesignGood
Jennifer Hirsch

Anybody can tell you to follow your dreams. Not just anyone, though, can give you a formula for following your dreams that actually gets you where you want to go. Jennifer Hirsch can, because she’s done it herself. Jenn is the founder and “chief enthusiast officer” at Marked Point, a strategic storytelling firm that supports mission-driven companies. She’s doing work that inspires her and that changes the world, and she knows you can, too. In this week’s Design Your Life column, she gives you some straightforward advice on making it happen. Continue reading

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9 Natural Brands for Healthy Living and Eating

Need a health makeover? These companies make eating and living healthier easy, delicious and fun.


We so get it. You want to eat and live healthier and more naturally, but you don’t know where to start. Well, we did the homework for you. These nine companies make products that are organic, eco-friendly and that will keep you coming back for more. Continue reading

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What companies help you eat and live healthier? Let us know in the comments below.