The Curious Case of Benjamin Riddle: Young Visionary Proves You Don’t Need a Diploma to Innovate

This anything-but-typical college student talks to us about why knowing your community is the key to designing solutions.


There’s no doubt that Ben Riddle’s age is the least interesting thing about him. This is a guy who’s made more change for good than just about anyone we know. But his age is something that we can’t quite let … Continue reading

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Create change in your community by sharing this story and inspiring others to think and act locally. To connect with the peacemaker himself, Tweet Ben @benjamesriddle

9 Examples of Smart Design That Will Blow Your Mind

Get ready to be impressed: These creators have found innovative solutions to solve problems and make the world a little more awesome.


Regardless of your definition of design, we can almost all agree on smart design when we see it. Whether it’s in the form of a car that’s using less to create more, an innovative community using natural resources to inspire … Continue reading

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Thomas Brodahl: A Design Entrepreneur Learns The Power of Giving Back

The story of a Jack of all design trades who’s using his entrepreneurial talents to make real change


What do you call a designer who’s more or less done it all? A Jack of all trades maybe, or, as Thomas Brodahl describes himself, “a creative polymath.” This web developer turned designer has dabbled in many areas of the creative community, become a successful entrepreneur and is now ready to use design for social good. So, how do you become a designer like Thomas Brodahl? Continue reading

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9 Women Entrepreneurs Rocking the Business World

Meet some ladies who are doing what they love, spreading awesome messages and putting money in the bank.


Ladies, we hear you. Starting a business can be freaking scary sometimes. Take heart though, because women entrepreneurs are taking the business world by storm. And if they can make great things happen while earning a nice paycheck from it, so can you. Continue reading

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The HEROs of Greensboro, Alabama: How One Nonprofit Is Changing Bike Design and Community Development

Take a transplanted San Francisco designer, a whole lot of bamboo and even more teamwork, and you have the makings for this inspiring small-town success story.


They say that sometimes what you’re looking for is right under your nose. But for the residents of Hale County, the answer was growing in the backyard. Thanks to an excess of naturally harvested bamboo, an interest in handmade bikes and a newly transplanted designer from out west, a small nonprofit put the tiny rural town of Greensboro, Ala., on the creative map. Eleven small businesses later, nonprofit HERO shows what the power of design, community and entrepreneurship can do. Continue reading

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Want to get involved with this inspiring community? HERO is always looking for volunteers and donations, and, of course, purchasing your own bamboo bike wouldn’t hurt, either. If you’re short on time and money, help us spread the word about all of Greensboro’s goodness by sharing this story.