9 Street Artists You Should Follow and Support

These city-dwelling superheroes are making urban life a little easier on all of us, thanks to their artistic talent and their passion for community.


From the constant noise pollution to the actual pollution, let’s face it –sometimes the bright lights, big city lifestyle can be a little overwhelming. Luckily, street artists have come to the rescue. Continue reading

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9 Resorts That Do Good

Need a no-guilt getaway? We found nine of the best places to enjoy luxury with a conscience.


We so get it: You’ve been working hard. It’s time for a vacation, but you’re a Design Good-er, and not just any hotel will do. From California to the Maldives, the UK to India, these resorts get our seal of approval for good works and great design. Continue reading

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A Pinch of Creativity: Design Is Their Secret Ingredient

TJ Girard helps craft inventive 'food furniture' — which is only natural after a childhood filled with both Coq au vin and belt sanders


Pinch Food Design isn’t your typical catering company. For starters, it has tantalized the eyes and taste buds of clients like Lady Gaga. Continue reading

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Love Pinch? "Talk about us, send us ideas, and be excited to see new food designs," TJ says. But most importantly, be open to new food experiences.

9 Independent Fashion Designers

Look good, do good: Let us introduce you to your new favorite places to shop


Whether with a collection that uses only natural fibers or a woven basket design passed down over generations, these designers bring substance to the world of style. And to us, that’s always in fashion. Continue reading

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Dad vs. Ads: Seth Matlins Takes on Media Manipulation

He started a forum for women and girls. He fights for the Truth in Advertising Act. Meet one of the coolest dads we know.


Magazines and advertising are full of digitally manipulated images that can do a number on women’s and girls’ self-esteem. Marketer Seth Matlins doesn’t want these impossible beauty standards messing with the mind of his 8-year-old daughter (or his 7-year-old son, for that matter). So he’s helping take the fight against unrealistic ads all the way to the U.S. government.
Continue reading

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We're in this together. "We don’t parent alone, and we have to all be accountable," Seth says.