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BeGood Clothing Is Eco-Friendly to a ($15) Tee

This San Francisco-based fashion line wants you to look good in their clothes, know how they were made — and be able to afford them


Many good things in the fashion world have stemmed from San Francisco. A little retailer you may have heard of named Gap, for one, and now BeGood Clothing – a line of organic clothing and accessories that is as stylish and comfortable as it is affordable. Continue reading

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9 Innovative Nonprofits That You Should Know

You don't have to have big bucks to make a big difference when you support these organizations


It’s not just billionaires like Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates who can change the world with their giving. It’s folks like us who chip in a little to put a meal on the table for a family going through hard times or to get someone in the developing world the healthcare he needs. These nine nonprofits have found innovative ways to help, and to vividly show you how your support makes a big impact.
Continue reading

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Giveback Homes Builds Generosity Into the Real-Estate World

Blake Andrews brings together real-estate agents, designers and brokers to help give families in need the homes they deserve.


The story of Giveback Homes starts the same way that a lot of DesignGood stories start: with the desire to make a change.   Blake Andrews was living a comfortable life in Dallas, Texas. He’d worked for 12 years in … Continue reading

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Want to help Giveback Homes? They’re on the hunt for real-estate professionals, mortgage brokers, interior designers and home builders to join their network. You can work with a Giveback Homes member or donate to one of Giveback Homes’ 10 building projects. Rest assured that 100 percent of contributions go directly to building homes.

9 Eco-Friendly Beauty Products With Terrific Design

Need to restock your medicine cabinet? Our favorite finds are kind to the Earth, good to your skin and easy on your eyes. How beautiful is that?


If you’re like us, you’re picky about your beauty products. You want them to be eco-friendly, but you also want them to, you know, actually work. AND they need to look good — no dated, crunch-granola packaging. These nine finds do all of that. So … ready to give your beauty routine a makeover? Continue reading

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The Africa Yoga Project Starts a Movement to Transform Lives

Paige Elenson went from Wall Street to Kenya — and discovered that teaching downward dogs and warrior poses can unleash changes that go way beyond the yoga mat


When we first heard about Africa Yoga Project, we were intrigued and knew we had to find out more: Was it a grassroots organization, a one-time event led by volunteers? A crazy-cool Kickstarter campaign? After a little digging, we learned that Africa Yoga Project is more like an entire movement that incorporates all of these things – community building, entrepreneurialism, volunteerism, straight-up yoga and so much more. Continue reading

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Africa Yoga Project needs you – yes, you – and as many volunteers as it can get. Learn more about its Seva Safari Program, the Ambassador Program and the Mentor Program.