9 Brands Doing Good for the Environment

A business that cares for the Earth is a business we support and celebrate.


We champion creative entrepreneurs determined to take action through empowerment and sustainable living. Read how these nine brands are doing so much good for Mother Earth and how you can support their causes as well. Continue reading

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Live a Great Story: A Brand That’s Also a Way of Life

These San Diego-based T-shirt makers are spreading their passion for living an extraordinary life and for sharing others' cool stories.


Maybe you see the message on a T-shirt someone is wearing, or on a sticker slapped on a signpost: Live a Great Story. You pause, the urgency of these words sinking into your mind and heart. Do you have a great story to tell? Zach Horvath, one of the creators of the San Diego-based brand Live a Great Story, believes that you do. Continue reading

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Zach hopes you'll Live a Great Story yourself. "It’s very contagious when someone is following their passion and making the choices to live their own story," he says. "That inspires others." You can also spread the company's message by buying a shirt or stickers and using #LiveAGreatSory on social media.

9 Online Design Courses

Need to sharpen your skills? Give one of these classes a try. Bonus: They can all be done from the comfort of your own couch.


Whether you’re looking to deepen your design knowledge, pick up some tech tips or even start your own business, there’s an online resource out there for you. And did we mention that some of these classes are free? Continue reading

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SoapBox Soaps: Natural Products for a Noble Cause

David Simnick and his team create eco-friendly soaps and body washes that give back — and a brand design that scrubs away gloom.


For some, social entrepreneurship is a dream job they work toward for years.
That wasn’t the case for Soapbox Soaps CEO David Simnick. Continue reading

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Take home a seasonal selection of SoapBox Soaps by spreading the word about Soapbox and its mission. Enter now!

9 Entrepreneurial Men Changing The World

These guys are out to improve relationships, help people in need and inspire you to be your most creative self. Who says a good man is hard to find?


Last month, we profiled some pretty badass women who are doing what they love and spreading awesome messages. Today, the guys get their turn. We found nine men who show all the ways we can make a real difference for others. Continue reading

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