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What Clients Say:

Conscious Home

Joshua Smith Founder

'Superbly Creative'

I had lots of ideas and inspiration about the look and feel of my brand and website, but I was struggling to pull it all together. After talking with several design firms, I was feeling frustrated.  That’s when I reached out to Kristin.  After just one call, I knew Kristin and the DesignGood team totally got it. Very quickly, I had my first layouts, and they knocked it out of the park. In addition to being superbly creative, the Design Good team was a joy to work with and stayed committed to our schedule.  They far exceeded my expectations!

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Bernadette Chavez Piñon Counseling

Bernadette Chavez Piñon Owner

'An incredible experience'

Working with DesignGood has been an incredible experience. When I first met with Kristin to go over the Brand Discovery Method, I left the meeting feeling inspired of the direction that my practice was going and confident of my capabilities to do what she was asking for.  DesignGood's approach is to be steps ahead of the game, encouraging and empowering their clients to push beyond the limits of their imagination. With the team's support and help, they captured the essence of my work and created a visual representation of my practice that often times is only experienced between the client and the therapist. The DesignGood team is phenomenal and their work shows that as well.

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Engaged Pursuit

Tom Perry Founder

'Exceeded My Expectations'

Partnering with DesignGood in the development of my new business brand exceeded my expectations. From the start of our relationship, the DesignGood team worked tirelessly to create a compelling customer offering – from the design of my corporate logo and business cards to the comprehensive launch of my client-facing website. DesignGood is full of strategic thinkers, smart project managers, creative specialists and technical experts. My new business was absolutely elevated through my partnership with DesignGood. I highly recommend their services for any entrepreneur looking to launch something new or for any business owner looking to expand their brand impact.

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Leana Shefman Retail Brand Marketing Manager

'Fantastic Agency Partners'

Kristin and the team at DesignGood have been fantastic agency partners. I have utilized their expertise for everything from strategic presentations to retail point of sale. Their ability to articulate a brand's voice across these different types of assets, as well as their flexibility, has been critical in the development of many successful projects.

TRI for Space Health

Stratis L. Catacalos Chief Communication and Education Officer

'Our Trusted Partner, Advisor and Part of Our Organizational Family'

DesignGood is more than just our graphic communications provider; they are our trusted partner, advisor and part of our organizational family. We would not be able to have stood up our new program without their industry expertise and guidance. Having overseen communications at all levels, I can testify they are the gold standard.

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StartUp Fashion

Nicole Giordano Founder

'Eye-Opening Experience'

DesignGood’s expertise was evident in the confident but gentle way they communicated how much more our business would benefit from an update of our visual branding foundation rather than simply a new website. It was wonderful to work so closely with them on how best to communicate the root of our brand values and mission through beautiful design. The result has enhanced our credibility in our industry as well as deepened our connection with our community. We feel lucky to consider DesignGood as part of our team.

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South Austin Homes

Michael Jurkash Founder + Broker

'Freaking brilliant.'

Freaking brilliant. Finally, our marketing reflects our true badassery (and then some)! Each DesignGood team member is so special, and together they are just off-the-charts greatness. As a consultant, I appreciated the time everyone spent on the front end getting a real understanding of who we are, what motivates us and what we are trying to do differently. They put the heart and soul of our business into web form.

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Natalie Glover Founder

'#spiritprenuer whisperers'

DesignGood, with Kristin as the seasoned and patient guiding force, used their gifts as #spiritprenuer whisperers and creative partners to bring my first product to shining light!

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U.S. VETS Career Network

Robert K. Stohr Executive Director

'Beautiful and Compelling'

Based on extensive conversations with our staff, DesignGood created the entire look, feel and voice for US Vets Career Network. Beyond serving as the public face of the Network, the website also enhances the work of our staff by making onboarding, documentation and data collection more efficient. Additionally, DesignGood researched, selected, customized and implemented a third-party job listings solution that provided the services we needed and that made financial sense for our organization. The result was a beautiful and compelling online tool that allows our team to more effectively serve the post-9/11 veteran community.

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Digital Union

Maggie Miller Founder

'More Than A Branding Agency'

DesignGood is more than an agency — they are collaborators who care deeply about helping clients evolve the vision for their companies. We loved working with an organized team who set a clear process, roadmap and deliverables for getting complicated marketing projects completed. The team attitude was fabulous and caring, and we felt their desire to make our new brand and site something we would be proud of and could grow with.

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Annie Digs

Blair Erwin Founder

'Cannot say enough great things'

I cannot say enough great things about my experience working with Design Good and their talented team. From our very first call through launch of my website and beyond, Kristin and her team have been professional, punctual and knowledgeable in every area of starting and establishing my business. They continue to provide support for Annie Digs and are always available and happy to answer any questions I may have regarding my new business. I am eternally grateful for all of their hard work!

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Rise Soccer Club

Adrian Crespo President

'A New Energy and Culture'

When two longstanding entities merge, legacy alone isn't enough to engage and captivate your constituency. DesignGood took the time to understand what our respective youth organizations were and created a brand for us that seamlessly integrated our legacies. More importantly, our families and young athletes have embraced Rise SC as their own. The new energy and culture has taken on a life of it’s own.

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The Nobelity Project

Christy Pipkin Executive Director

'Gorgeous Work and Fabulous Attitudes'

DesignGood Studio has come to our rescue time and again with gorgeous work and fabulous attitudes. Kristin and her team are incredibly responsive and mobilized their extensive connections within the community to get our nonprofit the best printing deal in town. We count DesignGood among our key resources that helps us positively impact education for thousands of children around the world. Love having them as sponsors of our work!

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Baylor College of Medicine

Estevan Delgado Senior Project Coordinator

'Beautiful Education Materials'

DesignGood made an interactive kit for patient education that didn’t lecture the patient, but rather depicted a story. They provided us with awesome photographers, writers attuned to health literacy and exceptional illustrators to bring our information and narratives for patients to life. Many of our patients exclaim that they have never seen such beautiful education materials before, and have told us time and again that these resources help them prepare for and envision life after upcoming medical decisions. The doctors and medical teams are equally impressed. DesignGood never ceases to amaze us. Hands down, they are the best team to bring any project to life.

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N | G Business Design

Natalie Glover Founder

'The Team Cares Deeply'

The DesignGood team cares deeply about bringing great ideas, products and businesses into the world.  Their talent for visually telling the story of my brand was the magic wand I needed to get out of my own head and into action with my business goals.

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Miguel Meza Managing Director

'Experienced, Professional and Energetic'

DesignGood is a very experienced, professional and energetic team. Our experience with them was fantastic; we had a very tight schedule and a lot to accomplish. Their project management office helped us to structure an agile approach without compromising quality. We are very pleased, as are our clients, with the brand and website we created. We will continue with this productive and fruitful alliance to keep delivering value to our community.

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Sunni Brown

Sunni Brown Best-Selling Author

'Elegant Ideas + Powerhouse Talent'

Our brand has an international reach and a stellar reputation, but for years our visual identity left something to be desired. The elegant ideas and powerhouse talent behind DesignGood helped us raise the bar on other people’s perception and awareness of our brand. My only regret: I wish we had collaborated with them earlier.

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Rebecca Gaddis Owner

'Truly a Part of My Team'

They immediately understood my brand and where I wanted to take it, and they are truly a part of my team. The people behind DesignGood are passionate and love what they do, which shows through the work they create.

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Chasing Hearts

Sarah Castro Co-Founder

'Brought the Dream to Life'

Chasing Hearts was a lifelong dream for my dad. But the jewelry he created need a platform and a brand. DesignGood brought that dream to life, creating a logo, branding and packaging that all reflected the essence of his work and connecting us with a stylist and photographer for our photo shoot.

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Society Petroleum Engineers

Taylor Wright Section Manager

'A Pleasure to Work Alongside'

DesignGood has been nothing but a pleasure to work alongside. They have created an environment for the Society of Petroleum Engineers – Gulf Coast Section members, to learn of industry updates as well as to engage with one another. In a recent transition from paper to digital, the DesignGood team made our job easy to provide important material, in a much more efficient and aesthetically pleasing format. Thanks to the expertise of the DesignGood team, the SPE-Gulf Coast Section mission is able to be heard by a broader audience, allowing us to provide and deliver quality service to our faithful members. In a unique organization such as SPE, it’s great to know we have such a strong relationship with DesignGood!

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Healy Energy

John Healy Jr. Owner/CEO

'Powerful Brand Icon'

Kristin’s design expertise and vision is only surpassed by the passion she exhibits for ensuring the end product is extraordinary. Throughout the collaborative creative process, we were aligned in our goal to deliver a powerful brand icon that would differentiate itself, and it has – clients, associates and friends are magnetized by the marketing collateral. I am extremely pleased and proud of the work delivered by Kristin.

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Houston Express Soccer Club

Adrian Crespo President

'Personalized Approach'

They completely revitalized and catapulted our position in the local market. DesignGood delivers a personalized approach to doing business. Despite the constant changes in technology, DesignGood makes sure we can communicate and interact with our customers in a way that leaves a lasting impact.

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Bella Madre

Ann Marie Wood & Shannon O'Brien Co-Founders and Owners

'Above and Beyond'

Bella Madre could not be more thrilled with the design work and branding for our jewelry company. The time and effort spent creating different options for our brand were above and beyond our expectations. The entire team is incredibly creative and a pleasure to work with always.

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