9 Green Apps For the Eco-Friendly Creative


From green smoothie recipes to over a million ways to recycle, we picked these nine really cool green apps for both iOS and Android to help you live healthy, live well and save the Earth.

 1. GoodGuide

Mindful shopping just got easier with GoodGuide, an app that tells you exactly which healthy, green and ethical products to buy for your home. From baby shampoo to pet food, just send GoodGuide a snapshot of the item’s barcode and the app instantly evaluates its health, environmental and social performance ratings.


Price: Free

2. Green Smoothies

Whip up a tall glass of classic strawberry kale with Green Smoothies, the official app of green smoothie pioneer Victoria Boutenko of The Raw Family. With over a hundred delicious smoothie recipes to try, this app takes the guesswork out of knowing which ingredients to use for your next healthy drink.


Price: $1.99

3. PaperKarma

Featured in TechCrunch, AllThingsD and Lifehacker, PaperKarma saves you the trouble of managing unwanted junk mail while minimizing your daily paper consumption.

Simply snap a photo of your junk mail, hit the Unsubscribe button, and PaperKarma takes care of removing it from your mailbox for good.


Price: Free

4. iRecycle

From plastic bottles to dusty VHS tapes, iRecycle is your go-to app for knowing what, where and how to recycle just about anything. It’s packed with over a million tips and ideas on how to recycle 350 types of materials, making it really easy for you to clear up space and do your part for the environment.

Once you’ve filled your recycle bins, you can search for the nearest local recycling center to drop it all off. How convenient!


Price: Free

5. Green Kitchen

Ready to go vegan? Green Kitchen’s got you covered with its growing database of organic, homemade recipes to keep you in tip-top shape. We absolutely love its design and the fact that 90 percent of the ingredients can be sourced straight from Mother Nature herself.

And if that’s not satisfying enough, you can pair Green Kitchen with sister app Healthy Desserts ($4.99), which brings to the table delicious and healthy desserts for just about anyone with a sweet tooth.


Price: $4.99

6. The Lorax by Oceanhouse Media

Take your kids on an adventure with Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, the magical creature who speaks for the trees. This interactive reading app introduces the original story of how the Lorax tries to save the Truffula forest with beautifully colorful pictures, new vocabulary and the ability to voice your own narration.


Price: $4.99

7. JouleBug

Living the green life just got twice as fun thanks to JouleBug, an achievement-based app designed to make it easy to do good for the environment. Compete with your friends to win points, badges and pins with every achievement you complete, all while saving $200 a year in daily expenses.


Price: Free

8. GiveO2

How do your daily travels affect the environment? GiveO2 tracks your daily movements and translates that data to carbon footprint info you can understand.


Price: Free

9. Lifesum

Our final green contender helps you live a happier and healthier life by making sure you end the day green — literally. The app tracks both food intake and exercise through the Life Circle. Once it turns green, give yourself a pat on the back for meeting your daily goal.

Lifesum’s free plan is awesome on its own, but you can access premium features by upgrading to Lifesum Gold, including complete nutrition details, notes and detailed health and habit statistics.


Price: Freemium, starting at $6.99 for a month of Lifesum Gold

Did we miss anything? Which green app do you use to live healthy and sustainably? Head on over to the comments below and let us know what you think!

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