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At DesignGood, we have the honor of working with some very talented and passionate individuals, businesses and organizations. We love watching them use what we created for them to reach their goals, and they have had some pretty amazing results! Read about the success they have experienced below!

Even as a writer I'm finding it challenging to put into words how much I've enjoyed working with DesignGood. Thank you for your expertise, love, and kindness.

Kate Eckman

Author of The Full Spirit Workout

"Even as a writer I'm finding it challenging to put into words how much I've enjoyed working with DesignGood. Kristin and every member of her team not only embody top-notch talent, but are also a complete dream to work with. From start to finish, I felt so cared for, never felt like an annoyance even when I was being annoying, and absolutely love what they created for my brand. Being able to launch a website this stunning, this polished, this professional during the biggest month of my career (the launch of my first book) felt so gratifying. I couldn't wait to show it off! There simply aren't enough words to adequately sum up how thrilled I am with my new brand and website. Thank you for your expertise, love, and kindness."

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They took a dated and neglected website with minimal branding and social media promotion and created an industry best! We wanted our designer clients to envision themselves in our studio with their projects - mission accomplished.

Michael Peck

Managing Director, Eric Winterling

"Kristin and her team have an authentic ability to quickly hone in on who you are and what you are trying to accomplish with your business. Working DesignGood has been a game-changer in terms of how we will showcase our projects to clients and sales prospects moving forward. They took a dated and neglected website with minimal branding and social media promotion and created an industry best! The team worked through a daunting process with us, sorting through 30+ years projects to decide which best represented the breadth and scope of what we do. Kristin and the team literally brought our studio to life by showing the beauty of our process. We wanted our designer clients to envision themselves in our studio with their projects - mission accomplished. Sometimes creative businesses are so busy creating that they never take a pause to access where they’ve been and where they want to go with their business. DesignGood helped us to do that. We look forward to working with them on many more projects with them in the future."

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The girls at DesignGood have LITERALLY brought my vision to life and I could not be more thankful for the talent they have put into this project. From the get-go, the team at DesignGood has given me the most divine experience...

Courtney Maguire

Founder, Her Velvet Hand

"When I reached out to Kristin and the team at Design Good- I was in the FRESHEST area of planning my business. I was just barely starting my business plan and had just made my business name, Her Velvet Hand, official. I was referred to the team by one of my dearest friends- and after seeing her branding- I knew I was in exceptional hands. As a creative artist, it was paramount that I find a branding company that I could connect with in more ways than just business. From the get-go, the team at DesignGood has given me the most divine experience, not only with the creative artistry behind their designs, but their professional, patient, and supportive approach as I venture into this new journey. The work that has been put into my brand has exceeded my expectations and has been absolutely worth the investment. The girls at DesignGood have LITERALLY brought my vision to life and I could not be more thankful for the talent they have put into this project. THANK YOU for everything."

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Working with DesignGood has been life-altering!

Neathery Falchuk

Founder, Ample + Rooted

"Working with DesignGood has been life-altering! I knew deep down where I wanted to take my business, but didn't know how to pull it together. I was referred to DesignGood by a dear colleague and I'm so incredibly thankful! Kristin and her team helped turn my deepest desires into a beautiful new business. Since we launched our new website and brand, my business has exploded and I continue to hear how impactful it is to others. There are times I just scroll through our website because it's THAT beautiful! We've only launched 4 months ago and I've already seen a return on my investment. Working with DesignGood is worth it and I wholeheartedly recommend them."

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They worked tirelessly through audibles and delays while our world stood still in 2020. Kristin and the Design Good Team created and delivered the elevated message we were looking for.

Ben Bass

Co-Owner, Lagree 213

“The Design Good Team helped us create a clear and powerful vision for our brand. As new owners of a tired fitness business that existed for more than fifteen years the Design Good team took our vision and developed a powerful and transformational brand and website during a year filled with uncertainty and change. They worked tirelessly through audibles and delays while our world stood still in 2020 with patience and professionalism. We provide a premium service to our clients. Kristin and the Design Good Team created and delivered the elevated message we were looking for.”

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Clear messaging with beautiful aesthetics

Ashely Kelsch

Founder, Modern Renegades

"I have endless praise and good things to say about working with the DesignGood team but for me, the one major asset that they brought and continue to bring to the table is their ability to take all of your ideas and constrain them into a clear message with beautiful aesthetics. This is priceless and the reason that I continue to not only work with them as I develop new programs but refer them to anyone looking to brand their business or hone in on messaging."

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We couldn’t have achieved this without the creativity the DesignGood team!

Laura R. Beckmann

President & Chief Operating Officer, AmRisc Group

"Kristin and the DesignGood team are incredibly creative and really strived to fully understand our business and cater specifically to our needs. While insurance may not be the most exciting or glamourous line of business, they delivered results that were still modern, vibrant and innovative while still aligning with our business purpose. We have received so much positive feedback, not only the website, but the branding as well! We couldn’t have achieved this without the creativity the DesignGood team brought to the table!"

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Kristin and the DesignGood team understand what it means to give quality service.

Anna Scott

Founder, Anna Scott Coaching

Kristin and the DesignGood team understand what it means to give quality service. Their process was simple, to the point and powerful – plus super fun! I always felt heard and taken care of, and they delivered on their promises: the final product was better than I could have ever expected. My new website conveys a powerful professionalism and has given my audience a new reason to reconnect. Thank you, DesignGood!

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An inspiring and joyful learning experience!

Allison Li

Founder & Personal Development Coach, Sage + Form

"As a wonderful woman team, DesignGood is an expert in branding & design. A glimpse into DesignGood's project portfolio shows how deeply they understand their clients' vision and their ability to translate that into beautiful brands. I have particularly enjoyed learning about branding and web design, which is such a pleasant surprise for someone who values growth. The working relationship I have developed with this team is invaluable and I look forward to partnering with DesignGood in the future."

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They were able to succinctly encapsulate our business in a beautiful, engaging digital conversation with our clients.

Dan Cheetham

Founder/Principal Architect, Fyoog

"Working with Kristin and her skilled team of specialists was a dream. They were able to succinctly encapsulate our business in a beautiful, engaging digital conversation with our clients. I have received several comments from existing clients that our new site really captures who we are and what we do - the best possible compliment to a branding and identity company. I would give Kristin and her team my highest recommendation."

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I could not be happier with the beautiful work or the talented, attentive team.

Alora Chistiakoff

Founder, Firebird Summit

"Nearly three years after originally founding my company, I was making a major pivot in terms of services, client base and even my business partners. My old brand no longer fit my new business. The team at DesignGood was fantastic, not just at creating a new aesthetic, but at listening to what I wanted to do and creating a brand that fit the intent of my new business direction. At each step of the process, they were responsive and enthusiastic about creating a digital experience that makes connecting with my clients a natural function of my brand. I could not be happier with the beautiful work or the talented, attentive team."

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DesignGood understood the vision we had for our business and translated it into wonderful brand and website

Jim Perry

Co-Founder, CASTR Alliance

"Design Good understood the vision we had for our business and translated it into wonderful brand and website and the results have exceeded our expectations in every way. Their insight into brand development was amazing, and their ability to rapidly develop our website and logo helped get our company off the ground in a smooth and stress-free way. Plus, they love animals almost as much as us veterinarians!"

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Empowering and Simply Magical

Meribeth Privett

Founder, Soul Alchemy Energy

"Working with Kristin and her talented team has been empowering and simply magical. When I hired them, my idea for what I wanted to create was only a seed. They watered my ideas into a thriving garden of possibilities that blossomed into reality. They held my hand and guided me every step of the way and through this journey I have transformed on a soul level. It has given me the courage to step out authentically into the world to share my gifts. I started with an idea for a business focused on coaching and energy work, and now with the help of Kristin, I am producing a line of products that coincide with my practices. The sky is the limit and these ladies have been the wind beneath my wings to a higher vibration of living."

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Beautiful Branding, Products and Strategy

Joshua Smith

Founder, Joshua Smith Inc.

"DesignGood has been with me every step of the way as I’ve evolved, transitioned and grown my business. What sets Kristin (and her team) apart — beyond her amazing design talents — is her expertise and passion for truly helping people go from being a PERSON with a great idea to being a BOSS — with beautiful branding, products and strategy that fully express who they are and their mission. And Kristin’s process goes deeper than just the external: There is heart and soul in everything that she touches. The high-vibe energy she commits to her clients is expressed in all she creates."

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Captured the essence of who we are with beauty, function, and ease

Susan Ireland

Executive and Leadership Coach, Seasons Leadership Program

"Kristin and her team expertly supported Seasons Leadership Program as we shaped and crystallized the brand of our start-up business. Through their insightful branding process, they created a brand that uniquely reflects our essence. Their responsiveness to questions was and remains excellent, always friendly, thorough, and proactive. DesignGood remains our design partner, and we appreciate how they continually anticipate our design needs as our business evolves."

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The evidence that DesignGood contributed to our success is undeniable!

Michael Jurkash

Founder + Broker, South Austin Homes

"It’s been approximately 2 years since our brand make-over with DesignGood and we’ve doubled our sales volume each year. The evidence that DesignGood contributed to our success is undeniable! Our website and new branding have strengthened our credibility online and positioned us as the “go-to” brokerage for South Austin. The lead capture technology has led to an increase in new clients and ultimately a higher seller to buyer ratio. And last but not least, I strongly believe that my enthusiasm and sharpened focus for my new brand and company’s mission have been of immeasurable importance. Thank you DesignGood!"

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DesignGood Took My Vision and Made It A Reality

Pam Siedler

Founder, PetGiving.org & Day of the Dogs

"I am so grateful I was referred to Kristin and her team. It’s one thing to have an idea, it's another to have the right team to make it happen! They listened, asked thoughtful questions and truly got to know me and my intentions for PetGiving and Day of the Dogs. It's clear they are good at what they do. Plus, they all love animals! ;) I have already recommended their services to quite a few individuals looking for web development and branding support."

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DesignGood Helped Me Land The Projects I’ve Always Desired

David Clark

Founder, Kartwheel Studio

"Working with DesignGood was a great experience for me. As a passionate business owner, it’s not always easy to read between the lines and see what is needed to grow your business. We all know we can take our business to the next step, and we want to, but we sometimes need help getting there. DesignGood was able to align my company's needs with professional, creative solutions. They played a big role in helping me land the work I've always desired. Working with the DesignGood team is not just easy, it’s fun! So fun I wish they were a part of my staff, so I could work with them everyday."

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Ridiculously good!

Debbie Collard

Founder & Personal Development Coach, Debbie Collard

"'Ridiculously good!' That is just one of the comments that I received about my website after working with DesignGood. Working with Kristin and her team to create my brand and website was an incredible experience. They were able to transform my immature concepts into a brand, a logo and a website that truly capture who I am and what I value – in short, they NAILED it! The response has been overwhelmingly positive. DesignGood is a joy to work with and their results speak for themselves."

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Exceeded My Expectations

Tom Perry

Founder, Engaged Pursuit

"Partnering with DesignGood in the development of my new business brand exceeded my expectations. From the start of our relationship, the DesignGood team worked tirelessly to create a compelling customer offering — from the design of my corporate logo and business cards to the comprehensive launch of my client-facing website. DesignGood is full of strategic thinkers, smart project managers, creative specialists and technical experts. My new business was absolutely elevated through my partnership with DesignGood. I highly recommend their services for any entrepreneur looking to launch something new or for any business owner looking to expand their brand impact."

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Creative and Beautiful Work

Bernadette Chavez Piñon

Owner, Bernadette Chavez Piñon Counseling

"DesignGood helped me launch my private practice about 2 years ago. Since then, I have experienced success in different ways. Working with amazing clients and organizations are just a few perks. When folks check out my website, they get an understanding of my approach more effectively and efficiently than if I spoke with them one on one. They can reflect on whether working with me is a fit for them before they even connect. For that reason, I'm able to work with clients and issues that I feel passionate about. Being Latina and an entrepreneur, I am all about that. Much gratitude to DesignGood for their creative and beautiful work!"

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Renewed My Enthusiasm For My Business

James Turk

CEO and Founder, The Turk Group

"DesignGood expertly interpreted my vision for elevating and evolving my business. I gained clarity about our service offerings and audience, which renewed my enthusiasm for my business. Everyone was great to work with — professional, responsive and patient. Feedback on our new site has been amazing. We just closed a six-figure contract, and I'm positive that our new brand voice and highly targeted website helped seal the deal. I saw the return on my investment very quickly — we are on track to have our best year yet!"

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Spiritpreneur Whisperers

Natalie Glover

Founder, LumenKind

"DesignGood, with Kristin as the seasoned and patient guiding force, used their gifts as #spiritpreneur whisperers and creative partners to bring my first product to shining light!"

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Grateful for Kristin and the Team's Solid Support on This Journey

Elena Neff

Founder, Free Range People

"I'm so grateful for Kristin and the team's solid support on this journey. They helped me feel confident in bringing my authentic voice into my business and creating a new vision for my brand. Kristin encouraged me to view my challenges positively, focus my attention on creative solutions & new possibilities and kept me on a steady course for launching. Working with this team has been a delight! I'm so thankful for their commitment to Free Range People - you equipped me with the missing parts I needed to launch and market my new business. If you have a big vision for your business and are ready to build a brand that'll inspire people and move them into action, DesignGood will be your secret weapon!"

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We’re Thrilled With The Results

Nicole Giordano

Founder, StartUp Fashion

"Our most recent project with them was not only a branding refresh, but also a complete update of our website to better showcase all that we have to offer. And we’re thrilled with the results. It’s strong, professional, and clearly shows our community all the ways in which we can help them. Most importantly, over the last two launch periods our sales page's membership conversion rate was an average of 11.4%! Based on my research, that’s the upper echelon. #hellyes"

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They Went Above and Beyond Our Expectations

Grace Lee & Rachel Moss

Co-Founders, A Good First Date

"DesignGood offers a unique combination of coaching, branding and web design. Their coaching process in particular helped us to refine our core message. They really listened to our input and designed a logo and website that truly reflected our values and presented a compelling proposition to our target audience. Their team was not only knowledgeable but were also always responsive to our feedback and went above and beyond our expectations."

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Responsive, Passionate, and Mindful

Abigail Anastasio

184th Criminal District Court of Harris County Judge

"The best thing about DesignGood is the professional and creative team and their outstanding work! DesignGood created a created a cohesive and impactful look for my campaign in the 2018 Election Cycle for Judge of the 184th Criminal District Court in Harris County (Houston). I needed something that would be modern yet classic at the same time. They helped me bring my political campaign design into the 21st century, and we ended up with a look perfectly suited to my style and campaign agenda. Kristin and her team were always responsive, passionate, and mindful of the deadlines often associated with political campaigns. I highly recommend DesignGood for modern and memorable branding!"

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The teams creativity, work ethic, and passion are unmatched

Anna Van Delden

Founder, Lagree HTX

"DesignGood has been my partner in LHTX’s brand evolution every step of the way. Now a year in, the growth of my business is all about continued outreach and maintaining the intrigue and spark we had when first opening. From website improvements, to additional in studio design, to branded retail they have undoubtedly elevated my business. The team’s creativity, work ethic, and passion are unmatched."

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DesignGood Not Only Cleared the Bar, But Soared Over It

Holly Krivokapich

Certified Professional Coach

"As someone with a background in marketing and communications, with a strong opinion on how I wanted to show up in my branding, I set the bar high. DesignGood not only cleared the bar, but soared over it. They captured my messaging and design style from the very beginning. I was so impressed how they took what I said — and even what I didn’t say — and put it into a final product that I’m so proud of. I’ve received many compliments on the branding, from the colors to the logo. The highest compliment is that it gives people a feeling of who I am as a person. To a first-time entrepreneur, Kristin and her team are encouraging, creative, professional and just incredibly inspiring."

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DesignGood Took Us From Start to Finish Branding Sweet Bribery

Kevin Naderi

Co-Founder, Sweet Bribery

"DesignGood took us from start to finish branding Sweet Bribery. Kristin guided us through the entire process and coordinated the design and production to help us go from zero to open on an accelerated schedule. We love the end result and how DesignGood’s work reflects our focus on high-end, high-quality ingredients and our vision for the growth of our brand. And the response from our customers has been sweet."

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A True Joy To Work With!

Rebecca Gaddis

Founder, The Curated Nomad

"From day one working with DesignGood, I knew that they got me and my brand. They made the entire process so easy and seamless and fun! I’ve been working with them for a while on several different projects, and each one has been such a great experience — from branding/logo, website, social media help to other great business advice that they have provided me throughout the years. Kristin and the whole team are a true joy to work with!"

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Great Experience From Start to Finish

Brook Alexander

Co-Owner, Blink Beauty

"Working with DesignGood was a great experience from start to finish. They worked quickly and efficiently and were very patient throughout the process. I was given all of the tools to maintain the website, but also feel like I can reach out at any time now or in the future with questions or concerns, so the follow-up process was very thorough. And the client feedback has been very positive! Loved working with them every step of the way!"

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Our Trusted Partner, Advisor and Part of Our Organizational Family

Stratis L. Catacalos

Chief Communication and Education Officer, TRI for Space Health

"DesignGood is more than just our graphic communications provider; they are our trusted partner, advisor and part of our organizational family. We would not have been able to stand up our new program without their industry expertise and guidance. Having overseen communications at all levels, I can testify they are the gold standard."

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Fantastic Agency Partners

Leana Shefman

Retail Brand Marketing Manager, YETI

"Kristin and the team at DesignGood have been fantastic agency partners. I have utilized their expertise for everything from strategic presentations to retail point of sale. Their ability to articulate a brand's voice across these different types of assets, as well as their flexibility, has been critical in the development of many successful projects."

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Beautiful and Compelling

Robert K. Stohr

Executive Director, U.S.VETS

"Based on extensive conversations with our staff, DesignGood created the entire look, feel and voice for U.S.VETS Career Network. Beyond serving as the public face of the Network, the website also enhances the work of our staff by making on-boarding, documentation and data collection more efficient. Additionally, DesignGood researched, selected, customized and implemented a third-party job listings solution that provided the services we needed and that made financial sense for our organization. The result was a beautiful and compelling online tool that allows our team to more effectively serve the post-9/11 veteran community."

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More Than A Branding Agency

Maggie Miller

Founder, Digital Union

"DesignGood is more than an agency — they are collaborators who care deeply about helping clients evolve the vision for their companies. We loved working with an organized team who set a clear process, roadmap and deliverables for getting complicated marketing projects completed. The team attitude was fabulous and caring, and we felt their desire to make our new brand and site something we would be proud of and could grow with."

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Cannot Say Enough Great Things

Blair Erwin

Founder, Annie Digs

"I cannot say enough great things about my experience working with DesignGood and their talented team. From our very first call through launch of my website and beyond, Kristin and her team have been professional, punctual and knowledgeable in every area of starting and establishing my business. They continue to provide support for Annie Digs and are always available and happy to answer any questions I may have regarding my new business. I am eternally grateful for all of their hard work!"

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A New Energy and Culture

Adrian Crespo

President, Rise Soccer Club

"When two longstanding entities merge, legacy alone isn't enough to engage and captivate your constituency. DesignGood took the time to understand what our respective youth organizations were and created a brand for us that seamlessly integrated our legacies. More importantly, our families and young athletes have embraced Rise SC as their own. The new energy and culture has taken on a life of it’s own."

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Above and Beyond

Ann Marie Wood & Shannon O'Brien

Co-Founders and Owners, Bella Madre

"Bella Madre could not be more thrilled with the design work and branding for our jewelry company. The time and effort spent creating different options for our brand were above and beyond our expectations. The entire team is incredibly creative and a pleasure to work with always."

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Experienced, Professional and Energetic

Miguel Meza

Managing Director, Nubelity

"DesignGood is a very experienced, professional and energetic team. Our experience with them was fantastic; we had a very tight schedule and a lot to accomplish. Their project management office helped us to structure an agile approach without compromising quality. We are very pleased, as are our clients, with the brand and website we created. We will continue with this productive and fruitful alliance to keep delivering value to our community."

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Truly a Part of My Team

Rebecca Gaddis

Owner, Ambhasaa

"They immediately understood my brand and where I wanted to take it, and they are truly a part of my team. The people behind DesignGood are passionate and love what they do, which shows through the work they create."

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Elegant Ideas + Powerhouse Talent

Sunni Brown

Best-Selling Author

"Our brand has an international reach and a stellar reputation, but for years our visual identity left something to be desired. The elegant ideas and powerhouse talent behind DesignGood helped us raise the bar on other people’s perception and awareness of our brand. My only regret: I wish we had collaborated with them earlier."

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Brought the Dream to Life

Sarah Castro

Co-Founder, Chasing Hearts

"Chasing Hearts was a lifelong dream for my dad. But the jewelry he created need a platform and a brand. DesignGood brought that dream to life, creating a logo, branding and packaging that all reflected the essence of his work and connecting us with a stylist and photographer for our photo shoot."

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The Team Cares Deeply

Natalie Glover

Founder, N | G Business Design

"The DesignGood team cares deeply about bringing great ideas, products and businesses into the world. Their talent for visually telling the story of my brand was the magic wand I needed to get out of my own head and into action with my business goals."

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Gorgeous Work and Fabulous Attitudes

Christy Pipkin

Executive Director, The Nobelity Project

"DesignGood has come to our rescue time and again with gorgeous work and fabulous attitudes. Kristin and her team are incredibly responsive and mobilized their extensive connections within the community to get our nonprofit the best printing deal in town. We count DesignGood among our key resources that helps us positively impact education for thousands of children around the world. Love having them as sponsors of our work!"

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Beautiful Education Materials

Estevan Delgado

Senior Project Coordinator, Baylor College of Medicine

"DesignGood made an interactive kit for patient education that didn’t lecture the patient, but rather depicted a story. They provided us with awesome photographers, writers attuned to health literacy and exceptional illustrators to bring our information and narratives for patients to life. Many of our patients exclaim that they have never seen such beautiful education materials before, and have told us time and again that these resources help them prepare for and envision life after upcoming medical decisions. The doctors and medical teams are equally impressed. DesignGood never ceases to amaze us. Hands down, they are the best team to bring any project to life."

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A Pleasure to Work Alongside

Taylor Wright

Section Manager, Society of Petroleum Engineers

"DesignGood has been nothing but a pleasure to work alongside. They have created an environment for the Society of Petroleum Engineers — Gulf Coast Section members, to learn of industry updates as well as to engage with one another. In a recent transition from paper to digital, the DesignGood team made our job easy to provide important material, in a much more efficient and aesthetically pleasing format. Thanks to the expertise of the DesignGood team, the SPE-Gulf Coast Section mission is able to be heard by a broader audience, allowing us to provide and deliver quality service to our faithful members. In a unique organization such as SPE, it’s great to know we have such a strong relationship with DesignGood!"

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Powerful Brand Icon

John Healy Jr.

Owner/CEO, Healy Energy

"Kristin’s design expertise and vision is only surpassed by the passion she exhibits for ensuring the end product is extraordinary. Throughout the collaborative creative process, we were aligned in our goal to deliver a powerful brand icon that would differentiate itself, and it has — clients, associates and friends are magnetized by the marketing collateral. I am extremely pleased and proud of the work delivered by Kristin."

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DesignGood was a dream come true!

Alyssa Marie

Founder, Alyssa Marie Medium

"Working with DesignGood was a dream come true! They took the time to get to know me and my vision and turned it into everything I had hoped for and more! I am amazed by their work and the beautiful website and brand that they created for me. The time they spend with their clients and the care that they put into their work is commendable. The entire DesignGood team exceeded my expectations in every way and made the process so exciting and enjoyable. Thank you DesignGood!"

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Press General

Chelsey Korman

Founder, Press General & Bomē

“Working with DesignGood is invaluable to any business at any level. They have this unique ability to look at both you and your business holistically, and identify where you are, where you want to be, where you could be, and what you need to do to get there. I have worked with DesignGood for both of my businesses because I know they’ll create solutions that will both expand my business and make it more efficient. If you’re beginning your brand or need to refresh an established business, DesignGood is all heart, soul and wisdom when it comes to visualizing and building your future business.”

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