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Not ready to hire DesignGood just yet? We can still be a part of your business journey. We created the tools below to serve as powerful guides for where you're headed. We encourage you to download them and spend time with them. Many have used these resources to gain insights and practical strategies for creating a meaningful brand.

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Business + Spirit
Is a Lack of Alignment Hurting Your Business?
If you’re feeling stuck in your business or everything seems harder than it needs to be, the culprit is often a lack of alignment. Kristin Moses of DesignGood explains how to get back in your groove.
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Business How-Tos
What Is a Brand Positioning Statement? And Why Do You Need One?
Many entrepreneurs misunderstand what a brand positioning statement is actually all about, and they're missing out on everything it can do for their business.
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Business How-Tos
Stop Wasting Your Energy: 9 Tools We Love for Automating Your Business
Adopt the power of process and watch your business transform to streamlined and organized. We rounded up our favorite tools for automating your small business for today’s virtual world.
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