Marissa Iteld

Marissa provides relationship-focused executive search services to high-growth businesses and their teams. With more than 20 years of experience, that's long been clear to Marissa's clients. But in building her brand and website, Marissa wanted to make sure they knew she also offers leadership consulting to help companies meet and exceed their organizational goals.

As companies evolve and change, so do their leadership needs. That's especially true for tech startups and high-growth businesses. When it's time to fill a key role, it's imperative to partner with an expert who knows how to tailor the executive search process to the unique considerations of a business. That's where Marissa Iteld comes in. While Marissa had been providing leadership consulting all along, identifying it as a separate service allows her to position herself as the valuable thought partner she is, helping executives overcome challenges and strategize for long-term success. It also means clients now know they can hire Marissa for leadership consulting as a component of search, or as a stand-alone or ongoing service outside of a hiring cycle.

Most of Marissa's work with startups and executive teams comes through referrals. But following a move from San Francisco to Austin, Marissa wanted another way to tap into her new home market. We took Marissa through our comprehensive DesignGood Business and Brand Method, developing her brand identity, foundational brand language, and website copy. Marissa chose to launch her brand with a simple and effective one-page website, which is a perfect solution for any company that needs to establish their online presence. When it comes to design, Marissa wanted a brand that would feel more creative and less corporate; she favors a clean, bold look and bright colors. (And in a nod to her communication strengths, a painting of a mouth serves as the backdrop for her virtual meetings.) We built Marissa’s brand identity, including her logo, graphic elements and color palette, to reflect Marissa’s design preferences and bright energy. Our work included the creation of playful icons that carry personal meaning and offer a twist on traditional corporate design. The result is a brand and website that helps Marissa gain visibility and build her business, while she's busy working in her zone of genius.

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Marissa Iteld

Founder, Marissa Iteld

My new branding is such an authentic representative of me that everyone who has seen my new website has had the exact same reaction: "It looks, sounds and feels just like you!"