Dr. Elif Zapsu

Elif Zapsu is pioneering an approach to psychology that bridges the gap between Western methodologies and Eastern practices. As a person-centered and psychodynamic therapist certified by Counseling & Psychotherapy in Scotland (COSCA), Elif’s practice evolved out of traditional psychotherapy into a holistic outlook based on Sufi psychology. As a therapist, Elif uses a whole-person approach to help her clients identify the factors that contribute to depression, anxiety, and chronic and acute conditions, and supports them in facilitating growth and renewal.

Elif takes psychotherapy beyond its traditional boundaries through short-term engagements. Her individualized consultations for adults begin with empathic listening alongside an examination of the effects of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle on well-being. To advance the healing process, Elif might incorporate experiential practices, including art, movement, music, poetry, ecotherapy, meditation and prayer into her sessions. Rather than guiding clients to revisit or “own” trauma, her process shifts the focus to holistic renewal to help clients rediscover their capacity for resilience, joy and love. In her academic writing, Elif focuses on creative and relational qualitative inquiry on diverse subjects, including the self-concept, spirituality and love. Her lifelong passion is exploring what it means to be human, through diverse lenses. As a consultant and speaker, Elif delivers tailor-made educational trainings, seminars and lectures on the topics of mental health and self-actualization to groups, schools, businesses and organizations. Throughout her work, Elif aims to bridge rivers of wisdom in well-being to provide her audiences with greater health and inner peace.

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