McCray & Co

If you happen to live in Austin, TX, you’ve likely seen the work of Chris McCray and Grace Hall, founders of McCray & Co. The studio has a well-earned reputation for visionary, concept-driven work, and a thoughtful, collaborative approach to design.

While McCray & Co. is often recognized for their hospitality design, residential spaces are a significant component of their business, and their work reaches far beyond Austin city limits. The studio was founded in 2011, and it had been a minute since they’d revisited their website to showcase the breadth of their work and expertise. They asked the DesignGood team to help redefine and update their messaging and reintroduce their brand to Austin and beyond. Exploring and achieving brand clarity takes effort. At DesignGood, we first developed Foundational Brand Language, which serves as the touchpoint for brand messaging and communications. For McCray & Co, we drafted a brand clarifier, “Residential & Hospitality Design,” to their name to clearly communicate what they do – so right away, a future client knows if they’re in the right place. For their new website, Chris and Grace wanted to show off those spaces in separate home and hospitality portfolios that would convey the full range of their capabilities. Side-by-side portfolio images demonstrate the range of their capabilities. The individual portfolio pages we created include images and descriptions that provide detail on the process and approach McCray & Co. takes for each project. And the custom-built website was designed to make it easy for the studio to add projects to their home and hospitality portfolios as they’re completed.

Our Contributions

Brand Positioning, Visual Identity Update, Website Design, Website Development, Copywriting, Digital Sales & Outreach Tools

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