Soul Alchemy Energy

Healer and coach Meribeth Privett believes we sometimes need the support of others to tap into our own power. To that end, Meribeth tapped into DesignGood to help her launch Soul Alchemy, her wellness brand focused on personal development, energy transformation and space clearing.

Meribeth wanted a brand that would move her new business forward and visually evoke her spiritual approach to wellness. In addition to her logo, tagline and website copy and design, we launched her brand with a custom brochure, business cards, ritual bags and beautifully branded candles and matches. In her work, Meribeth aims to help people take their life from functional to optimal. We like to think we helped Soul Alchemy do the same.

Our Contributions

Branding, Copywriting, Website, Visual Identity, Logo, Email Marketing, Digital Design, Print Design, Packaging

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"Working with Kristin and her talented team has been empowering and simply magical. When I hired them, my idea for what I wanted to create was only a seed. They watered my ideas into a thriving garden of possibilities that blossomed into reality. They held my hand and guided me every step of the way and through this journey I have transformed on a soul level. It has given me the courage to step out authentically into the world to share my gifts. I started with an idea for a business focused on coaching and energy work, and now with the help of Kristin, I am producing a line of products that coincide with my practices. The sky is the limit and these ladies have been the wind beneath my wings to a higher vibration of living."

Meribeth Privett

Founder, Soul Alchemy Energy

Empowering and Simply Magical