Jennifer Hollister

Jennifer Hollister helps women reconnect with their intuition in order to experience profound growth, healing and transformation. Whether navigating a life transition (or several), processing past trauma or simply seeking a renewed relationship with themselves and their environment, her clients will develop better insight, clarity and confidence to overcome challenges and live their most empowered and authentic lives.

Jennifer is experienced, empathetic and intuitive and brings with her a solid footing in the spiritual, psychological, physical and philosophical worlds. Drawing from decades of experience in psychology, philosophy, spiritualism, naturopathy and bodywork, her wide range of training and diverse therapeutic background allow her offerings to be curated and easily tailored to the women she partners with so they will feel safe, seen and validated on their paths towards self-discovery and alignment. Through a combination of different therapeutic and healing modalities, including one-on-one coaching and healing sessions, workshops and communal women’s circles, she helps clients become better attuned to the relationships amongst their inner and outer worlds, strengthening their intuition and developing a sense of peace in their physical being.

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Brand Positioning, Visual Identity, Logo Design, Responsive Website Design, Copywriting, Sales & Outreach Tools, Branded Email Marketing, Social Feed Templates, Business Cards

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"Working with DesignGood has been an absolute pleasure. I quickly found just how strongly the entire team aligned with my beliefs and values. During the initial branding process, I was mindful of my own stories hindering my potential as a holistic healer. Kristin, in particular, played a key role in keeping me focused on my potential and helping me overcome my personal obstacles. I'm thrilled with how gorgeous my website looks, and the ease of use to my clients. I'm now proud to send people to my site! The entire experience with DesignGood has been invaluable to me. I received more than I could have ever expected. If you're struggling with clarity on your brand's next move, I highly encourage you to reach out to DesignGood."

Jennifer Hollister

The team elegantly transformed my various roles and offerings into a beautiful and coherent website, wholly aligned with my core values and identity.