Rise Soccer Club

Our longtime client Houston Express Soccer Club merged with Eclipse, another top Houston youth soccer club, to form Rise Soccer Club.

The new club has a bold vision for providing a new level of excellence for young athletes in Houston. And we knew they needed a bold, new brand. DesignGood helped Rise successfully transition from two clubs to one and created energetic branding that helped build pride and excitement among coaches, staff, players and parents.

Our Contributions

Branding, Website, Visual Identity, Logo, Email Marketing, Digital Design, Social Media Design

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"When two longstanding entities merge, legacy alone isn't enough to engage and captivate your constituency. DesignGood took the time to understand what our respective youth organizations were and created a brand for us that seamlessly integrated our legacies. More importantly, our families and young athletes have embraced Rise SC as their own. The new energy and culture has taken on a life of it’s own."

Adrian Crespo

President, Rise Soccer Club

A New Energy and Culture