AmRisc Group

Nimble by Design. As experts in the field of insurance underwriting, the folks at AmRisc have a well-earned reputation for developing new products in response to the changing needs of the marketplace. Yet while they were busy advancing proprietary modeling techniques to track risk and manage portfolios, they spent a little less time thinking about their brand image. Over the years, the company grew to include multiple sub-brands, and it became clear they needed to find a new way to communicate the unique value proposition of each one – and the role of the parent company.

When they came to DesignGood, AmRisc was also experiencing some brand confusion: The parent company and one of its sub-brands shared the same name. We led AmRisc through a process of clarifying the messaging behind each of their four brands and launched the process of renaming the wholesale arm of their company. We developed a suite of logos and a comprehensive identity system to unite each of the brands under AmRisc. Then we brought them all under one roof online, with a clean, modern website organized to clearly communicate the role and purpose of each entity. It's not always easy to rebrand an established company. Often, internal preferences and processes can make it difficult to make changes – and to make them last. That's why our work included a complete style guide to get everyone on board with using fresh taglines, logos, color palettes, graphic treatments and everything else that goes into maintaining a strong brand image. True to their mission, the folks at AmRisc stayed nimble by design and let innovation lead to great results.

Our Contributions

Visual Identity, Branding System, Brand Guidelines, Positioning, Copywriting, Presentation Design, Internal Communications Design, Website Design and Development, Photoshoot Art Direction and Styling

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"Kristin and the DesignGood team are incredibly creative and really strived to fully understand our business and cater specifically to our needs. While insurance may not be the most exciting or glamourous line of business, they delivered results that were still modern, vibrant and innovative while still aligning with our business purpose. We have received so much positive feedback, not only the website, but the branding as well! We couldn’t have achieved this without the creativity the DesignGood team brought to the table!"

Laura R. Beckmann

President & Chief Operating Officer, AmRisc Group

We couldn’t have achieved this without the creativity the DesignGood team!