After more than 20 years in business, WorldFinds founder Kelly Weinberger was looking toward a new market. Kelly and her team had always been focused on wholesale distribution, but shifts in the marketplace and a desire to expand their product line prompted the team to consider selling their ethically handmade jewelry and accessories directly to consumers. Kelly knew they would need a powerful ecommerce platform and fresh language to enhance their brand visibility, communicate the history of their fair-trade practices, and seamlessly showcase both new and core product lines.

We created a customized Shopify website for WorldFinds, complementing the existing logo and color palette with new graphic elements that help communicate the brand's unique value proposition. We focused brand messaging around style, sustainability and stories, introducing the world to the company's modern-vintage aesthetic and their talented artisan partners across the globe. With the launch of the site, WorldFinds is positioned to expand its product line and its impact through fair trade, thoughtful design and sustainable practices.

Our Contributions

Visual Identity Update, Brand Positioning, Website Design, Shopify Development, Copywriting

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