The Body Retreatment

Through intuitive touch, healing therapies and rejuvenating body treatments, Robyn Peraza, LMT, helps her clients feel relaxed and nurtured - in the comfort of their own homes or in the soothing setting of a spa. Her company and brand, The Body ReTreatment, is a prescriptive whole body experience. She approaches massage, body work and beauty treatments intuitively, identifying subtle patterns within each client in order to approach every session with expert, completely personalized care. Robyn already had the following and a long list of happy clients, but she was looking for a team to support her in organizing her offerings, naming her brand and streamlining the booking process.

Just like The ReTreatment is not one-size-fits-all, the same holds true for how we approach the work we do for our clients. Robyn’s offerings are unique in that each session is completely curated to fit the client’s individual needs so, of course, we aimed to do the same for her brand. Inspired by sunbeams, stars and the rustic beauty of the Southwest, our team designed a website that evoked a sense of calm and comfort with nods to the desert night sky in hues of indigo. Robyn wanted a streamlined process for her clients, who can now easily learn about her treatment offerings, make online bookings and fill out their intake form online. This means that once they are in Robyn’s expert hands, they can sink into rest and relaxation mode as they receive their inclusive body treatments with an exclusive feel. Now, she has a brand and visual identity to match the experience.

Our Contributions

Naming, Brand Positioning, Visual Identity, Website Design, Copywriting, and Branded Promotional Items

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