Decluttered by Jenny Albertini

A certified KonMari consultant, Jenny Albertini was one of the first professional organizers in the United States to train directly with Marie Kondo herself. Jenny also spent two decades as a global public health advisor with the U.S. government and is a recognized leader in diplomacy and negotiation within the global health sphere. While her DC-based business, Decluttered, was humming along, Jenny’s online presence didn’t fully reflect her broad-ranging capabilities, including organization, systems planning, mindfulness and consulting for individuals and organizations. She wanted a new brand and website that would convey her complete range of services and set her up for the next level of growth and success.

As Jenny says, when we have a defined vision of where we want to go, it energizes us to work toward our goal. We took Jenny through our extensive discovery process to learn more about her background and expertise and her business goals. Building on Jenny’s vision, we created a unique visual identity system and website, including defined services for home, self and work, packages and pricing, and the integration of an online booking system.

Our Contributions

Brand Positioning, Visual Identity, Website Design, Copywriting, Sales & Outreach Tools, Branded Social Media, Branded Email Marketing

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