Low-Key Spiritual

Francesca Budesheim is one of Austin’s most sought-after yoga teachers. Deeply devoted to sharing her knowledge of yoga, mindfulness and mental health, she approached DesignGood to help create a brand and offering to support individuals in addressing their trauma, grief, loss, depression and anxiety in a modern way.

Knowing that not everyone benefits from traditional therapy, she created a concept that combines physical movement, meditation and a version of talk therapy to move energy and create a sense of connection. Fran’s approach offers a holistic way of diagnosing symptoms, using yoga as a ‘prescription’ to help her clients move forward along their self-development journey. Through visual identity, branding, website design, copywriting, sales & outreach tools and email marketing, Design Good supported Fran’s vision of providing ultra-customized plans to share her vast pool of wisdom and expertise with those who need her guidance toward holistic healing.

Our Contributions

Visual Identity, Brand Positioning, Website, Copywriting, Digital Sales Tools, Lead Generation, Branded Email Marketing

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"Working with DesignGood was a dream. They took something that I’ve been dreaming about for years and made it a reality! From start to finish they were thoughtful, inquisitive, professional and were so patient with me when I had so many plates spinning that I couldn’t always remember to answer their emails. I couldn’t have done this without them! They were able to match something that I birthed out of my soul with colors, images and words that captured my vision so vividly- it’s unreal. I am so glad I took this leap to work with this team. I can’t wait to work with them more in the future as my brand evolves."

Francesca Budesheim

Founder, Low Key Spiritual

They took something that I’ve been dreaming about for years and made it a reality!