Alyssa Marie Medium

We talk a lot about high vibes here at DesignGood. Alyssa Marie takes that topic to a whole new level – as a spiritual medium. Early in life, Alyssa discovered she had a gift for communicating with the spirit world, so she came to DesignGood for our experience in communicating with the physical one.

As a practitioner of evidential mediumship and a practicing nurse, it was important to Alyssa Marie that her website convey credibility and her compassionate approach to spiritual readings. Most importantly, she wanted her brand to reflect her sincere desire to bring love, light and healing to those looking to reach loved ones who have passed on. Through her website, Alyssa Marie is able to share her gift with a wider audience – and give new meaning to the phrase "Let's Connect."

Our Contributions

Branding, Copywriting, Website, Visual Identity, Logo, Digital Design

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"Working with DesignGood was a dream come true! They took the time to get to know me and my vision and turned it into everything I had hoped for and more! I am amazed by their work and the beautiful website and brand that they created for me. The time they spend with their clients and the care that they put into their work is commendable. The entire DesignGood team exceeded my expectations in every way and made the process so exciting and enjoyable. Thank you DesignGood!"

Alyssa Marie

Founder, Alyssa Marie Medium

DesignGood was a dream come true!