Encountering the Divine

"Listening is the greatest gift we give one another because we’re not listened to very much." This is a credo that Beverly Collins, founder of Encountering the Divine, stands behind. In May 2020, COVID upended her position at the spiritual retreat center where she had been employed for almost 20 years. As is often the case with setbacks, she found the silver lining. These dark times left so many people (most of whom are marginalized) hopeless and in despair. It dawned on her that she could help people along their spiritual path by launching a virtual retreat business (with the goal of hosting in-person retreats down the line).

Encountering the Divine’s mission? To extend love to all people, regardless of religious denomination or walks of life. An active deep listener, she is ready to hear the story of each of her clients, supporting them on their spiritual journeys and helping them grow in their relationships to God. Her clients are diverse and from all backgrounds — women, the LGBTQ+ community, immigrants, and all who are marginalized. They may be experiencing hardship at work or in marriage, at a crossroads in life and ready for the next step. For them, prayer feels like it isn’t working anymore. They are experiencing fear, loss of connection and a need for peace. They seek an open door to spirituality for the path they are on. In a world rife with division, it was important that Encountering the Divine was presented as a safe space with honesty, mutual respect and non judgment. She wanted Encountering the Divine to feel gentle while also incorporating humor, candor and compassion.

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