Holly Krivo

As a certified life coach, Holly Krivokapich knows all about dreams, goals and ambitions. And it was Holly’s personal dream to have a brand and website that could launch her into the next phase of her career.

As a personal brand, Holly’s identity and website needed to reflect her bright and engaging character, while also showcasing her serious side. We created inviting visuals and clear, dynamic copy that quickly give site visitors a sense of Holly’s warm personality and her no-nonsense approach to coaching. Now Holly’s doing what she counsels her clients to do every day: “Live Your Intention.”

Our Contributions

Branding, Copywriting, Website, Visual Identity, Logo, Email Marketing, Digital Design

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"As someone with a background in marketing and communications, with a strong opinion on how I wanted to show up in my branding, I set the bar high. DesignGood not only cleared the bar, but soared over it. They captured my messaging and design style from the very beginning. I was so impressed how they took what I said — and even what I didn’t say — and put it into a final product that I’m so proud of. I’ve received many compliments on the branding, from the colors to the logo. The highest compliment is that it gives people a feeling of who I am as a person. To a first-time entrepreneur, Kristin and her team are encouraging, creative, professional and just incredibly inspiring."

Holly Krivokapich

Certified Professional Coach

DesignGood Not Only Cleared the Bar, But Soared Over It