Oikos Real Estate Group provides concierge real estate services in the Greater Austin and Central Texas area. Their consultative approach begins with an investment of time to uncover their clients' needs and priorities, and how a real estate sale or purchase will contribute to their financial goals.

For seasoned investors and first-time buyers alike, their process is rooted in education and actionable intelligence, so their clients can make informed decisions with clarity and confidence, even in a fast-paced market. For sellers, their hands-on services include sourcing vetted partners to prepare a property for sale, and providing creative marketing strategies tailored to each individual property. Their team are experts in negotiation, and we’re uniquely positioned to consult with their clients’ wealth advisers, lawyers, and accountants to assess sales and purchase scenarios, and provide sound, strategic advice for optimizing growth in their investment. The principal and real estate professional Ross Ponder draws on his unique background as a chaplain and academic to guide the Oikos team by the values of honesty, curiosity, grit, and stewardship, and to guide clients in making data-driven decisions. Ross approaches each client relationship with genuine warmth and dedication. He uses the tools of deep listening to bring calm and harmony to the real estate process and advance his clients’ individual goals.

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