Navix Health

Navix HubTM is a fully unified software platform designed by and for behavioral health professionals. A behavioral health management software combining CRM (customer relationship management), EMR (electronic medical records) and RCM (revenue cycle management) services into one seamless platform, Navix Health seeks to streamline and simplify patient onboarding and management, clinical documentation, claims management and billing, empowering professionals to devote their time, energy and resources to providing the highest level of patient care possible.

Navix Health was founded by a team of treatment professionals who felt unsupported by a lack of truly integrated, adaptable and user-friendly software applications that could effectively provide and manage the logistics of care. In response, the Navix Health team developed a fully unified and adaptable platform for their professional peers, hoping to improve both patient care and work life for behavioral health providers. Navix HubTM is scalable and all-inclusive for behavioral health organizations of all sizes, as well as independently owned, corporately-supported facilities and private practitioners. The software is intuitive and easy-to-understand, created with the knowledge that employees will have to quickly and easily adapt to a new system so time and energy aren’t taken away from the care they are providing. The majority of a healthcare provider’s time is spent on documentation rather than care. Navix Health wants to change this. They invite organizations and professionals to partner with us as they seek to fundamentally change the way behavioral healthcare companies do business, streamlining workflows and minimizing the time and resources spent on administration and documentation so practitioners can focus on what matters most: the patient.

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