Harmonix founder Susie Sullivan was ready to take the next step in growing her business. As a native of Page, Arizona, and resident of Portland, Oregon, Susie is passionate about wildlife conservation, music and yoga. She’s also the opposite of what most people think when they hear the word “accountant.” She’s been at it for more than 15 years.

In Harmonix, Susie created what we came to call a “Modern Accounting Studio.” As part of our suite of branding and website design services, we helped Susie clarify how she offers a fresh approach, blending comprehensive accounting services with financial strategy for entrepreneurs and established businesses. Susie is all about money mindfulness and helping people understand the impact of their spending, so they can align their money with their values. (Like directing it toward land conservation, the arts and ... beer.) Like Susie, the Harmonix website isn’t what you’d expect from most accounting firms. We worked with Susie to understand her preferences and design a visually stunning brand and website that resonates with her ideal audience. As the daughter of an entrepreneurial family, Susie created Harmonix with the understanding that everything revolves around small business. Here at DesignGood, we tend to agree.

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