South Austin Homes

Clients of real estate agent Michael Jurkash benefit from his vast knowledge and warm, attentive approach. The problem was that the brand for Michael's business, South Austin Homes, didn’t convey his uniqueness at all.

When Michael decided it was time for a marketing upgrade, DesignGood created a visual identity and a website that reflect the hip, laid-back vibe of South Austin. Michael also now has a lead magnet to show his expertise and build his email list, as well as branded stationery to thank clients and cultivate referrals. With DesignGood's help, Michael is ready to take his business to the next level.

Our Contributions

Branding, Copywriting, Website, Logo, Email Marketing, Print Design, Signage

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"It’s been approximately 2 years since our brand make-over with DesignGood and we’ve doubled our sales volume each year. The evidence that DesignGood contributed to our success is undeniable! Our website and new branding have strengthened our credibility online and positioned us as the “go-to” brokerage for South Austin. The lead capture technology has led to an increase in new clients and ultimately a higher seller to buyer ratio. And last but not least, I strongly believe that my enthusiasm and sharpened focus for my new brand and company’s mission have been of immeasurable importance. Thank you DesignGood!"

Michael Jurkash

Founder + Broker, South Austin Homes

The evidence that DesignGood contributed to our success is undeniable!