Julia Alexander

Julia Alexander is a therapist, consultant and educator based in our beloved Austin, Texas. Julia's practice was well underway when she contacted us, but her focus was shifting. She wanted to bring more attention to the integration of social justice, therapy and horses in her work.

With expertise in social justice education and horsemanship, Julia's approach is rooted in anti-racism, social justice and liberatory frameworks, alongside a deep conviction that our relationship with nature can play a major role in human healing. Through ecotherapy and equine-assisted therapy, Julia helps her clients alleviate shame, heal trauma and discover their innate inner resilience. Through consulting and educational training, she helps her clients understand their experiences and beliefs in the context of systemic oppression, so they can participate in meaningful dialogue for change.

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It’s not easy to describe what I do, and it felt important to work with a company that wouldn’t shy away from the work I do around trauma, anti-racism, whiteness, and ethics around the inclusion of horses in human treatment. The process of working with the team was wonderful. Everyone was attentive, deeply caring and professional, and so generous with their time and expertise. Not only did they create a stunning website, they helped me articulate my offerings to my clients and who I want to be in the world. In addition to giving me a more consistent and confident voice, I have a better grasp of what my business is and what it can offer. I’m already getting requests for consulting – a new service I hadn’t offered before.

Julia Alexander

Founder, LCSW

It was an honor to work with the DesignGood team. They took my many ideas and created a site that’s beautiful and that makes sense – not once shying away from the difficult things I do.