Trust & Honor

Trust & Honor is a mindful fiduciary agency that works with clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Through her business, founder Sara Ecklein serves as a trusted partner and compassionate advocate in managing and protecting the personal affairs, property and assets of her clients. Unlike most fiduciary agencies, Trust & Honor takes a heart-centered and hands-on approach to their work. Sara wanted to convey the positive impact this approach has on her clients and spread the word with the official launch of her business and website.

Differentiation is an important part of any new business launch. In working with Sara, we created the language and brand identity that serves as the foundation of her business and sets her apart from other agencies in her field. We helped Sara clarify and communicate her offerings so clients know what to expect and how Trust & Honor can help them anticipate and plan for big-picture needs before they arise. An easily navigable, one page site makes it easy for clients to quickly see if they’re the right fit, while a branded follow-up sales tool gives them the additional details they need to sign on and ensure their end-of-life needs and wishes are supported and implemented.

Our Contributions

Naming, Brand Positioning, Visual Identity, Website Design, Copywriting, Sales & Outreach Tools, Printed Collateral

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