The Curated Nomad

The Curated Nomad is a retail destination for unique treasures from Morocco and beyond.

Founder Rebecca Gaddis had already created one successful brand (Ambhasaa) with DesignGood, so she knew that we were the perfect partners to bring another high-style business to life. With our help, The Curated Nomad makes a memorable impression, whether shoppers encounter the brand online or at events.

Our Contributions

Branding, Copywriting, Website, Visual Identity, Logo, Email Marketing, Social Media Design

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"From day one working with DesignGood, I knew that they got me and my brand. They made the entire process so easy and seamless and fun! I’ve been working with them for a while on several different projects, and each one has been such a great experience — from branding/logo, website, social media help to other great business advice that they have provided me throughout the years. Kristin and the whole team are a true joy to work with!"

Rebecca Gaddis

Founder, The Curated Nomad

A True Joy To Work With!