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Givebones: Ethical Pet Products That Give A Dog A Voice


We’re wild about dogs, so naturally we drool over any product that benefits our best buds. We especially love ethical pet product line, Givebones.

And out of everything they offer, we’re after this collar which is basically the TOM’S shoe of dog collars. It’s not fancy, it’s not frilly and your dog can wear a message of support for his friends in need. With every purchase of a Gcollar, Givebones will donate 10% to shelters and rescue groups across the nation, helping to reduce the number of homeless and euthanized pets.

It all started with a skinny boy named Bones. Givebones’ founder Tricia Andrews was working as an account executive in television advertising and her husband Blake worked for TOM’S. They were just your typical young, beautiful, dog-loving couple living and working in LA. During one of Blake’s first giving trips with TOM’S to Nicaragua, he met a street dog named Bones who, unfortunately, lived up to his name. He was scrawny and malnourished, and Blake was sad there was nothing he or anyone could do for him or the several other dogs he saw like him. When he came home and told his wife the story, they decided they needed to do something in the name of Bones. They knew there wasn’t much they could do for the dogs in Nicaragua, but Tricia felt there had to be something they could do for dogs that were suffering in the US.

Coincidentally, she had just finished reading Start Something that Matters by Tom’s founder Blake Mycoskie, where he maps out a plan to incorporate giving into a for profit company. She knew she wanted to create a similar give back company for dogs, but she wasn’t sure what the product would be.

“We wanted to make something basic and simple, that served the masses, got our message out and that allowed us to give back at the same time,” says Tricia. They wanted to create a simple way to show support, like, the “silicone wristband” for dogs, so they decided on a sturdy, colorful nylon collar and from there, designed a line of ethical pet products. And, to mimic the wristbands, they incorporated a bit of silicone to display their adorable name…Givebones…in honor of the skinny boy who inspired it all.

Since then, Givebones collars have been seen on the streets of LA and beyond, donned by celebrity dogs and just your average Fidos looking to make a contribution. Each time you see a dog sporting one of the cool collars, you can be sure there is a pup in a shelter who just got a good meal and a second chance at life. The support for Givebones is growing, and the more Tweets, Facebook posts and photos of the collars that are shared, the more that are sold and the more Givebones is able to do for homeless dogs. In addition to selling the collars, Givebones also hosts several fundraising and adoption events throughout the year in order to support their shelter and rescue partners. “The rescue groups we partner with inspire me,” Tricia says, “the work they do is truly grueling…they will drive five hours in LA traffic to pick up one dog in need. They are amazing people and we support them because they deserve all the help they can get.”

So next time you strut your dog on the street, let him spread the message and help his homeless friends get the lives they deserve. With each purchase, Tricia will not only write you a heartfelt, handwritten letter, but she will throw in complimentary wristbands, so you can show your support and give your dog a voice to say, “Buy a collar. Save a Dog. Join the movement.”

Givebones collars are available in a slew colors in sizes to fit every pup, from Pugs to Boxers. Check out often, as they are in the process of designing a new collar for 2014.

Want a great read? Tricia’s book recommendation is The Alchemist. “You’ll get lost in the story,” she says, “it’s like reading a horoscope that pertains to you.”