How to Give Effective Feedback on Your Web Copy

These tips will help us get to a result that you love faster.

  • Have your foundational brand language handy. We used your brand language to develop the copy for your website. So it will speed up the revision process if you can refer back to your brand language when offering feedback on your web copy.



"My core brand vocabulary includes words like insightful, bold and unexpected. This paragraph in the home page copy doesn't feel like it fits with my brand vocabulary."
  • Get the big picture. Read through all of your copy once before starting to comment. It's even better if you can read your copy, put it aside overnight and then start writing notes for us the next day.
  • Be thorough. By giving us clear and complete feedback now, you're helping us avoid extra rounds of editing that could delay your project and drive up its cost.
  • Just ask. If you don't understand why we wrote something a certain way, please let us know. We're always open to explaining our thinking.
  • Leave the rewriting to us. Here's a quick tip for spending less time on your revisions. Instead of rewriting something yourself, just let us know how you want it to be different.



"I'd like this sentence to sound more assertive."
"Please make the copy on this page a little shorter."
  • Share your "why." Tell us the reasons behind what you really like in your copy, and what you don't like. This will help us make revisions faster and make sure you love the final result.



"I love this paragraph because it really sounds like me."
"This paragraph isn't working for me because it doesn't feel friendly enough."
  • Trust yourself. Having too many people weigh in on your web copy can dilute its effectiveness and slow down progress on your new brand. Be mindful of this during the review process.


Adapted from "Dear Client: This Book Will Teach You How to Get What You Want from Creative People" by Bonnie Siegler

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