The DesignGood Revision Process

How We Handle Changes + Revisions

During your project, you'll have multiple chances to review the deliverables in your branding package. To keep the creative energy flowing and maintain a strong connection with your business vision, we ask you to stay engaged during the feedback and revision process. Delays in feedback can disrupt our creative flow, so we greatly appreciate your active participation. We are dedicated to working closely with you, as collaboration leads to our best work. 

Each deliverable you review builds upon the previous one, and approvals are necessary to proceed to the next phase of your project. Our policies are designed to streamline the revision process and help us progress efficiently and effectively through your project's stages. We encourage you to provide detailed and consolidated feedback to avoid piecemeal comments. All feedback should be submitted using the guidelines and tools detailed below. Your project manager will always provide a deadline for when feedback must be received in order to keep the project on schedule. Delays in providing feedback and submitting your responses will extend your project timeline, and all approvals must be given via email so we have written documentation.

Revision and Feedback Policy by Deliverable

Visual Identity

This includes your logo, color palette, fonts, and graphic treatments that define your brand. Your visual identity sets the look and feel of your website and any other branded tools that we will be creating for you, so keep this in mind as you review. We're committed to creating a visual identity that you'll love and that aligns with your business needs. 

You will receive two rounds of revisions to your visual identity. Please note that any revisions beyond the included two can be subject to additional charges based on the request. 

Should you request to redesign or revise your visual identity after it has been approved—such as during the website design phase—these changes will incur additional charges at our current hourly rate.

Foundational Brand Language (FBL) & Homepage Copy 

Initial Writing Deliverables - Your project starts with two important writing deliverables: the Foundational Brand Language (FBL) and Homepage Copy which will be reviewed together.

  • Process: We encourage you to review the FBL and Homepage Copy together as they are interrelated and complement each other. Our team will implement changes to both documents simultaneously to maintain consistency across your brand messaging.
  • Tools for Feedback: Feedback should be provided using the commenting and suggesting tools in Google Docs and Google Drawings. This allows our team to effectively view and track your revision requests.
  • Revision Rounds:
    • First Round: This round is designed for more substantial changes, allowing you to make significant modifications that impact the overall tone and message.
    • Second Round: The focus shifts to fine-tuning and finalizing the content. This round is intended for minor adjustments that refine and perfect the text.
  • Creative Review Option: If you feel that written feedback doesn’t fully capture your thoughts or if further discussion is needed, consider scheduling a meeting with your Creative Project Manager to ensure clarity and precision in your feedback.
  • Additional Revisions: Should you require revisions beyond the initial two rounds, these will be billed at our current hourly rate.
Website Copywriting

Primary Pages (About, Service(s), and Sections with Key Information)
For the content-heavy sections of your website, such as the About page, Service(s) page, and other critical information sections, you will receive two rounds of revisions.

  • Process: Our team will review and implement your changes to these pages simultaneously. It is crucial that you consolidate your feedback and have it approved by all decision-makers before submission to ensure efficiency and coherence in the revisions.
  • Tools for Feedback: Please use the commenting and suggesting tools in Google Docs and Google Drawings to provide your feedback. This allows our team to clearly see and track your revision requests.
  • Revision Rounds:
    • First Round: This round allows for more substantial changes. You are encouraged to make significant updates and suggestions during this stage.
    • Second Round: This round should focus on fine-tuning and finalizing the text. The aim is to refine the content to ensure precision and effectiveness.
  • Live Creative Review Option: At any point, you may schedule a creative review meeting with your Project Manager to discuss feedback if you find it challenging to convey your thoughts through documents.
  • Additional Revisions: Any revisions requested beyond the second round will be billed at our standard hourly rate.

Utility Pages (Blog, Press, FAQ, Contact, etc.)

For other sections of your website like the blog, press, FAQ, contact page, team profiles, testimonials, events, resources, portfolio, etc.:

  • Content Development: Our team will write introductions for these pages based on the information you provided in the content-gathering worksheets. These pages will be formatted using DesignGood’s standard format for utility pages, and go directly into the design phase.
  • Feedback on Utility Pages: Given that these pages follow a standard DesignGood format, they typically require minimal feedback and changes. However, you will have a chance to review and provide necessary feedback post-development before your site is launched.
Website Design

Homepage Design
The homepage design is a crucial step in your project as it establishes the style for the rest of your website. You will receive two rounds of design revisions for the homepage. This process allows us to refine and perfect its overall look based on your feedback.

  • Process: Our design team will present the initial homepage concept, incorporating your foundational brand elements and strategic objectives.
  • Tools for Feedback: Feedback should be provided using the commenting tools in Figma, which allows for precise, contextual comments directly on the design.
  • Revision Rounds:
    • First Round: This initial round allows you to suggest comprehensive changes, such as layout modifications, color adjustments, and element repositioning.
    • Second Round: The second round focuses on refining the changes implemented after the first round, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision.

Primary Pages Design (About, Service(s), and Key Information Sections)
These essential pages further detail your offerings and brand story. You will receive one round of revisions for these pages.

  • Process: After the homepage design is nearing finalization, we will design the primary pages in a style that is consistent with the homepage.
  • Tools for Feedback: As with the homepage, please use Figma’s commenting tools to provide your feedback.
  • Single Round of Revisions for Primary Pages: This round is your opportunity to review and suggest changes to the layouts, graphics, and text placement. Given the foundational nature of the homepage design, this round should focus on necessary adjustments rather than major overhauls.

Utility Pages Design (Blog, Press, FAQ, Contact, etc.)
Our team designs utility pages following the established visual guidelines and moves them directly into development without a revision round.

  • Process: These pages include standard layouts that typically require minimal customization. Our team will use the design framework established in the homepage and primary pages to ensure consistency across the website.
  • Feedback Opportunity: While there is no formal revision round for these pages, you will have the opportunity to review and comment on these designs during the final site review before launch.
  • Additional Revisions - Revisions beyond the outlined rounds can be accommodated but will be subject to additional charges based on our current hourly rate. Please discuss any such needs with your Project Manager as early as possible.
Website Development

Once all pages of your website are designed and approved, website development will begin. Website development is the process of transforming the visual designs and content of your website into a functional site using code. You will have the opportunity to review your website before it is launched.

Development Review and Revision Process

  • Single Review Opportunity: You will be given one opportunity to thoroughly review your fully developed website. This is your chance to see how the design and content come together in the final product and to ensure that everything functions as expected. Because you have already had the opportunity to review all the copy and designs prior to this, revisions should be minimal. 
  • Tools for Feedback: Feedback will be provided using Superflow, a comprehensive website review tool. This tool allows you to leave specific comments directly on parts of the website where you want edits made using its commenting feature. Be as clear and specific as possible with your feedback to ensure that changes are made accurately and efficiently.

Revision Schedule and Website Launch Details

  • Feedback Deadline: You will have a set period of 5 days from the time the review link is sent to submit all comments and feedback. This helps ensure that we can make the necessary changes promptly and move towards launching your site without delays. Otherwise, we will consider your website approved for launch. 
  • Implementation of Changes: After receiving your feedback, our development team will implement the changes, and we will launch your website.
  • Post-Launch Changes: Any additional changes requested post-launch will incur additional charges based on our current hourly rate.
Brand Toolkit Revision and Feedback Policy

If you have included Branding Tools in your project, such as lead magnets, email marketing templates, social media feed branding, digital sales tools and decks, or podcast branding, our team will handle the design and copywriting for each tool. During both the design and copywriting phases, each element of the brand toolkit will receive one round of revisions. To ensure an efficient revision process, please consolidate your feedback and have it reviewed and approved by all decision-makers before submission.

Project Closure
  • Delivery of Final Files: All brand assets and applicable deliverables will be added to your Google Project Folder for future use or the agreed-upon application (Canva, Mailchimp, etc.). 
  • Support Post-Launch: We offer a limited 3-day post-launch support period to address any immediate concerns or minor tweaks.
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