Our Revision Process

How We Handle Changes + Revisions

The DesignGood Revision Process

During your project, you will have two opportunities to review the deliverables in your branding package. To keep the creative energy flowing and to help us maintain a strong connection with you and your business vision, we ask that our clients stay engaged during the feedback revision process. Taking significant breaks in responding and providing feedback can disrupt our creative process, so your active participation is greatly appreciated. We are committed to being in this process with you, and our best work is done when it’s a continuous, collaborative effort. Additionally, your approvals allow our team to move on to the next step in your project.

Here's how to keep the ball rolling together!

DesignGood Project Phases

There are six key phases of the DesignGood Business & Brand Method that you will review and give feedback on. Each one of these phases builds on the other, and approvals are required to move on to the next phase of your project.  

• Visual Identity

• Foundational Brand Language

• Website Plan

• Website Copy

• Website Design

• Website Development

Giving Effective Feedback

To maximize efficiency and shorten the timeline of your project, it's important to communicate your revision requests within seven days of receiving items. Our team will instruct you on how to provide feedback based on what you are reviewing, or you can set up a feedback call to consolidate and provide us with all your changes at once. Creative review calls are especially helpful when you have multiple items to review or feel stuck. We always prefer to gather all your feedback at once rather than one deliverable at a time. Our team will wait until all feedback is collected per round before implementing all your changes.

Your commitment to providing timely approvals and feedback throughout our process allows us to launch your website quickly after the development phase is complete without incurring any extra costs for you. Any post-development changes to your website that aren't considered minor will be billed at our current hourly rate.

Two Rounds of Revisions

Your first round of revisions should focus on substantial requests, while the second round should be reserved for finalizing your edits and minor refinements. Please work towards consolidating a majority of your revisions and requests in the first round. If additional changes are needed for edits that could have been addressed in rounds one and two, they will be billed at our current hourly rate. Our team will always inform you when your project is incurring additional fees due to additional rounds of revisions. Historically, two revisions have provided ample opportunity for feedback, and most of our clients typically use only one round.

Batching Creative for Review

Giving feedback and revising deliverables one item at a time extends the project timeline, so we implement a batched review of your creative. You will always be reviewing multiple deliverables per round to expedite the feedback process. For efficiency, we ask that you provide your feedback on everything that feedback is requested for collectively before we move to the next step.

For example, the first batch of creative you will review will be your visual identity, foundational brand language, site plan, and home page copy. Once we have feedback and approvals on all four items, our team can proceed to the next step in your project. We have also put together this guide for giving effective feedback on copy and design.

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