Our Revision Process

How We Handle Changes + Revisions

We know you need us to work both creatively and efficiently. That’s why we have an established process for reviews and revisions for each phase of your project. 

All work that you receive from us for review has gone through our own internal review and revision process and will already be highly polished. As we finish each phase, we’ll send it to you. You will have two chances to review the deliverables. Rounds 1 and 2 are for substantive changes. After we complete Round 2 revisions, we'll send it back to you once more for final approval. Any revisions beyond minor wording changes after Round 2 (or final approval) will be billed at a rate of $165 per hour. We will not move forward to the next phase of your project until we get final approvals from you on the current design or writing phase.

If your project goes beyond two rounds of revisions at any phase, we will be billing additional revisions at $165 per hour. You can help ensure that the revision process stays on track by  consolidating your feedback into our established rounds and using our guide to providing effective feedback.

Here’s how to submit your revisions during each phase:

  • Copy. We’ll send your web copy to you in a Google Doc we can both access. Indicate the changes you’d like to see by leaving comments on the Doc. (If you haven’t used Google Docs before, the comments function is very similar to MS Word’s.)
Important note: We always require your approval on copywriting before we move onto the design phase. Because your website is customized, we design around the language we create for you.
  • Design. We’ll send you designs for review using InVision, a program that allows us to show you what your website will look like in a browser. After creating an InVision account, you can share your changes, questions and suggestions in comments mode. We will answer your questions within the InVision program. Working this way helps us keep track of all of your requests and adjustments. We will make your changes in InVision and send the revised design back to you for approval. 
  • Website Programming. After designs are approved, we will program and test your site. Before it goes live, you will be able to view and click through all versions (desktop, tablet, mobile) just as site visitors will. Log any small changes to be made before launch on the spreadsheet within your Google client folder. Because we include multiple rounds of revisions in your project, any changes at this stage should be very minimal. 
  • Launch. Once all final changes have been made to the site, we will launch! 

We’ll send you emails at every step of the review and revision process so that you’ll always know exactly where your project stands and what you need to do next.

Giving Feedback on Creative