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The quickest way to increase the visibility, credibility, and profitability of your business is to build and nurture a memorable, magnetic brand. Our thoughtful brand-building process helps you align your vision and goals, build confidence, and create a plan of action to experience long-term success and more freedom in your business and life.

Through our proven Business & Brand Method, you'll get:
  • A brand and website that does more for you, so you can focus on what you love doing most.
  • A clear vision to build your business around your strengths and passions.
  • A plan of action to get unstuck, gain momentum and grow your business.
  • Professionally designed branding, website and marketing materials that make you look, feel and sound like the expert you are.
  • Messaging that accurately conveys what you do and the results you create, so you can charge what you're worth.
  • More confidence in your business, your brand and the value of your services.
  • Strategic guidance and branded tools to reach your ideal clients or customers.
Every DesignGood Business & Brand Method package includes:
  • Business & Brand Discovery
    This deep dive helps us tell the story of your brand while helping you clarify your vision for the future of your business. Through our signature discovery process, we capture vital insights about your audience, experience, expertise, and the value you create for those you serve, empowering us to craft a compelling story that resonates with your ideal audience.
  • Logo & Visual Identity
    A strong visual identity creates consistency, cohesiveness, and recognition, which fosters brand awareness and sets you apart. Your brand's visual identity includes a logo (or logo update), typography, color palette, complementary graphic elements, and a distinct design style that works together to leave a lasting impression.
  • Foundational Brand Language
    This core language serves as the inner voice of your brand and the foundation of your website and all marketing copy, creating harmony and clarity across communications. Your Foundational Brand Language summarizes who you are, what you do, who you serve, and what your audience can expect from your work together so they know they are in the right place. This includes your core brand vocabulary, a brand clarifier, brand statement, brand positioning, and your brand personality.
  • Brand Style & Language Guide
    This comprehensive document captures your brand's logo, fonts, color palette, graphic elements, and core messaging, providing you with guidance to maintain a consistent brand identity across all channels.
  • Website Content Planning & Copywriting
    We take a strategic approach to planning your website, ensuring essential information takes center stage. Then, we craft compelling website copy that captivates your target audience, inspiring them to take action. The result is a website that genuinely speaks to your audience and drives results.
  • Website Design
    We use your new visual identity, fresh website copy, and imagery to create a stunning website that delivers a consistent brand experience and leaves a lasting impression on your audience. Our hands-on process brings your brand to life online, building confidence and credibility with the people you truly want to work with.
  • Website Development
    Professional end-to-end development ensures your website looks great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices and incorporates the technology and functionality needed to streamline your business. Your website will also include a content management system (CMS), allowing you to add content and update your website copy.
  • Photography Direction + Photoshoot Planning
    Great photos help your audience feel connected and confident about working with you. We assist with photo art direction and planning your shoot to ensure we capture your essence and the essence of your business and brand. When needed, we also select supplemental stock imagery that harmoniously complements your brand's look and feel.
  • Brand Action Plan
    Our process concludes with a plan of action and a personalized Brand Momentum Session that empowers you to use your new brand to move your business forward. You'll learn what steps to take next to connect with your audience, reach new clients or customers, and align your efforts with your vision and long-term plan for success.
  • Brand Coaching & Business Guidance
    With 25 years of branding experience, we are uniquely equipped to support you in making decisions that propel your business forward. Coaching, guidance, and education are integral parts of our process, ensuring you feel confident and ready to leverage your new brand and website to build the business and life you desire most.

DesignGood Signature Websites

Every DesignGood Business & Brand Method package includes one of our signature websites, each designed to meet the unique needs of your brand and propel your business success. Through our collaborative process, we'll plan, write, design, and develop the right website for your business that aligns with your goals and resonates deeply with your audience.

How it Works

Our three-phase Business & Brand Method is a transformative process that will change the way you – and your audience – see your business. We get to know your business inside and out, and serve as your guide and coach throughout the process. We help you establish yourself as an expert in your space and build or scale your business around your passions so you’re prepared and positioned for long-term success.

Step 1

Business + Brand discovery

Clarity to set your path

Step 2

Brand Foundations

Establishing the look and voice of your brand

Step 3

Custom Website

Connect meaningfully with your audience online

Step 4

Build Your Brand Toolkit

Select the tools you need for credibility + connection

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Phase One: discover

Discover what you desire most in your business, and gain clarity through the process. We capture vital insights about your audience, experience, expertise, and the value you create for those you serve, and guide you in defining your vision for your brand and business.

Phase Two: Create

Watch your brand come alive as we craft your new brand identity and website. We’ll capture your essence and translate key insights into captivating visuals and compelling language to effectively communicate who you are, what you do, and who you serve, so you can connect meaningfully with your audience.

Phase Three: Connect

Launch your beautiful new brand and website and announce it to the world. We guide you in learning how to use your new brand and website to engage with your current audience and reach new clients or customers, and give you a plan of action to move your business forward

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Build Website

If you have a new or budding business, establish your web presence with a simple and effective website.

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Grow Website

If you have a new or existing business, take it to the next level with a website that can evolve and grow with you.

see Grow website examples
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Scale Website

If you have an existing business and you’re ready to scale up with a website that enhances your online presence and showcases your experience and expertise.

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Amplify Website

If you have an established business, accommodate more content and advanced functionality with our completely custom website solution.

see amplify website examples

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