9 Women Entrepreneurs Rocking the Business World

9 Women Entrepreneurs Rocking the Business World

Ladies, we hear you. Starting a business can be freaking scary sometimes. Take heart though, because women entrepreneurs are taking the business world by storm. And if they can make great things happen while earning a nice paycheck from it, so can you.

1. Marie Forleo

Forleo is all about helping you build the business and life you love…and we LOVE her for that. In fact, DesignGood and DesignGood Studio wouldn’t be where we are today without her show MarieTV and B-School, her flagship product and one of the best training programs to get you started on building and marketing your online business.For us, Marie is kind of like the perfect mix of all things: she’s a business badass, has killer advice for your career and your personal life and she’s beyond relatable. Kind of like a really great friend who sends you weekly newsletters with game-changing ideas. Check out: Why It’s Smart to Start Small and/or Sucky

2. Grace Bonney

Founder of Design*Sponge (an insanely popular design and DIY blog in case you’ve been living under a rock), Bonney has helped thousands of design-conscious women through design inspiration, free biz lady advice, before and after projects, and more.But Grace is so much more than a design blogger with pitch perfect taste – she’s also hella smart. In fact, just listening to Grace, you can tell that this is a lady who knows herself and her industry well. And we listen to her often on her weekly podcast, After the Jump, where she interviews entrepreneurs, writers, bloggers and more, and dishes out excellent advice. (Seriously, is there anything Grace Bonney can’t do?)Photo by Jamie Beck Check out: Grace Bonney on Building Your Own Empire via 99U.com

3. Kris Carr

After being diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, Carr devoted herself to living the healthy and soulful life she truly wanted. Ten years later, she’s a No. 1 New York Times bestselling author and the leader of the Crazy Sexy Revolution. She can help you live a better and more wholesome life through plant-passionate living, wellness, happiness, spirituality and compassion. Check out: The Myth of Finding Your Purpose

4. Gabrielle Bernstein

Bernstein has taken the happiness and wellness community by storm. She’s a certified Kundalini yoga and meditation instructor, a No. 1 New York Times best-selling author, creator of the Spirit Junkie Masterclass and HerFuture.com, a wildly-successful social platform for women. Check out: How to Create Healthy Boundaries

5. Brit Morin

If you’re into DIY and getting your hands dirty, you’re probably already on the Brit + Co. email list. Morin founded this online media and creative platform to empower women and girls interested in creating and making beautiful things. She’s a creative powerhouse herself, and you can see her in many of the site’s featured photos, from prepping an edible garden to organizing a creative space. Check out: As Seen on Today Show: DIY Projects That Can Save You Big Bucks

6. Carrie Green

Green is the founder of Female Entrepreneurs Association, an online platform to inspire and guide women to build a business doing what they love. The blog is packed with great advice and resources, and if you’re ready to invest in more community, love and support from like-minded women, the Members’ Club at $25/month offers just that. Check out: How to Create a Fun Business Manifesto

7. Danielle LaPorte

LaPorte is living proof that you don’t need to be a college graduate to create a six-figure business you love. She’s an author, a speaker and a coach for all who seek clarity, balance and a holistic approach to life. Check out:Life is looking everywhere for you. Get on the radar.

8. Laura Roeder

Driven by her passion for technology at a young age, Roeder has built a thriving business creating training programs for small-business owners looking to get smart about their social media strategy. Her latest product, Edgar, aims to ensure your social updates are in front of the majority of your audience. Trivia: Roeder co-founded Forleo’s B-School back in 2010. Check out: 6 Cringeworthy Social Media Automation Mistakes That Will Make Even Your Biggest Fans Roll Their Eyes at You

9. Nathalie Lussier

There are still far more men than women in computer and technology-focused occupations. Let’s change that. If you’re struggling to get your head around technology and online marketing, don’t worry – Lussier is here to help you to create a digital strategy for off-the-charts success. Check out:13 Things I Learned From Earning Over 1 Million Dollars In My Business Over 5 Years

Much love and gratitude,
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