Brand Photography: 7 of Your Top Questions Answered

Brand Photography: 7 of Your Top Questions Answered

Brand Photography: 7 of Your Top Questions Answered

Brand photography is a powerful way to connect with your desired audience, but creating photos that drive results for your business can be a real challenge. Since we often help our clients coordinate their brand photography, we get a lot of questions about this topic. So today we want to share our answers to the most common brand photography questions with you.

1. What Is Brand Photography?

To understand what brand photography is, let’s go back to DesignGood’s definition of a brand. Your brand is everything your audience thinks and feels anytime they encounter your business, whether that’s on your website, on social media or in person. You brand photography, therefore, should inspire the thoughts and feelings you want your audience to have at every interaction with you.

Need some examples of brand photography? Check out our portfolio. Notice how our clients communicate different messages through photography. Also pay attention to how even our clients in similar fields (such as coaching) have distinctive brands, in part because their photography is infused with their own unique personality.

2.  Do I Really Need to Appear in My Brand Photos?

For DesignGood clients, this answer is almost always “yes.” That’s because we work with a lot of people whose businesses are built on their unique qualities as individuals. If your clients will work with you personally, then they need to see you on your website and social channels and in your other marketing tools. Remember, they want to feel a connection before committing to working with you. And effective brand photos help build that connection.

Does your business provide a product instead of a service? We still recommend including photos of you and your team (if applicable) in your brand photography. Again, it goes back to connection. Seeing the real people behind your products helps your customers feel more confident in your business.

3. What Are the Keys to Effective Brand Photography?

First, your brand photography needs to look polished and professional. You might think you are saving money by taking photos yourself or asking a friend to, but low-quality brand photography ultimately costs you sales. It sends a message that your business cuts corners and isn’t detail-oriented.

Second, we want to emphasize the word “brand” in “brand photography.” You could fill your website and social feed with magazine-worthy photos, but if those photos aren’t on brand for you, they aren’t going to be effective. For example, if you’re a career coach for creatives, photos that make you look like a buttoned-up lawyer won’t connect with your target audience, no matter how great those photos are.

To make the most of your brand photography, help your photographer understand the brand you are working to build. At DesignGood, we communicate with our clients’ photographers about the key qualities a clients’ brand should convey and how those photos will work in tandem with the words and designs we are creating.

4. How Much Does Brand Photography Cost?

You don’t have to buy the biggest, most expensive package from the hottest photographer in your town in order to get effective brand photography. Photographers’ rates vary widely based on their skill and experience, the amount of time you book with them and even where you live. It’s all about knowing what you really need. We often help our clients prioritize their photography needs based on their budget.

5. How Long Does a Brand Photo Shoot Take?

Typically, a half-day shoot is plenty of time for our clients creating personal brands. For larger businesses, we suggest a full day. Another to keep in mind when planning your shoot is that you will want your photos to be ready when your website design gets under way. Typically, it takes 1-2 weeks to get edited photos back from a photographer.

6. Where Should I Shoot My Brand Photography?

Since your brand photography should show people what you are all about, think of places that feel meaningful for you — for example, the park that gives you peace, a coffee shop where you work, or the office or home studio where you create.

Your photos should also capture you doing the work you do so well. So also think about how and where to stage those shots. Some good locations might include your office, a coworking space or meeting area or your favorite coffee shop.

7.  What Should I Wear in My Brand Photos?

To create varied images, it’s a good idea to have 3-4 outfits at your photo shoot. This will allow you to change clothes as you change locations and get more out of the shoot.

Wear clothes that look like you and that make you feel good. Again, your audience wants to get to know who you are, so wear things you love. Choose either colors used in your brand design or colors that coordinate well with your brand colors. What to avoid? Prints. Trendy outfits. And anything that will look dated quickly.

Photography is just one aspect of building a brand that connects with your dream audience. If you’d like to work with a partner who can help you bring everything together for an authentic, beautiful brand, let's chat. Just fill out our get started form to schedule a call with me.

Much love and gratitude,
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