How to Create Compelling Social Media Content

How to Create Compelling Social Media Content

You’ve probably heard that you need to share great social media content to build your following — and drive your business. But how can you consistently come up with content that attracts your dream customers and keeps them glued to your social channels? Read on for our best advice.

1. Be Original

It’s true that some of your social media content should be curated content. For example, you can do a Facebook post to share a useful article or re-gram an image you know your followers will love. But to really attract the audience you want, you need to create your own unique content: your own photos, tips, recommendations… you name it.

2. Create With Your Dream Customers in Mind

So with all the possibilities, how do you decide what your social media content should be? Keep your focus on what your dream customers want and need. What would they find useful or delightful? What do they care about? You have to know your audience inside and out to create the right social media content for them. Your social media content will be the face of your business for many potential customers.

3. Know Your Goals

Besides speaking to your target audience, your social media content also has to serve your goals. What do you want your content to achieve? Increased sales? More newsletter sign-ups? Brand awareness? Tailor your content accordingly. And remember our favorite three letters: CTA. Anything you post should include a clear, concise and compelling call to action (directions to your followers on what you want them to do next).

4. Fill Out Your Calendar

Creating and sharing social media content is a big job. You can’t just Tweet or Pin whenever you have a spare moment. Your audience expects consistency. If you neglect to post for a month, they won’t stick around. A content calendar is crucial to making sure you post regularly and in a way that helps you meet your goals.

5. Customize For Each Channel

Let’s say you’ve just published a great new post on your blog. You’ll want to share it across all your social networks, but you shouldn’t share it the same way on each channel. You might, for example, post at different times of day on different networks. And you’ll want to use the best photo sizes for each network.

6. Build Your Brand Voice

The “voice” of your social media content encompasses both the words and the visuals you use. Both aspects should work together. Let’s say you’re a wedding photographer. Your dreamy images need writing that’s just as lovely and romantic. Your voice should also stay consistent from day to day. If, for example, your pet products business always makes your followers laugh with cute animal images, you’ll throw them for a loop if you suddenly throw in some biting political humor.

Your social media content will be the face of your business for many potential customers. That’s why it’s so important to get right. We’re always happy to go in depth with you on any aspect of social media content, from figuring out what your followers to want to finding the right networks to connect with them.

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