One More Reason to Define Your Ideal Customer

One More Reason to Define Your Ideal Customer

We know you’ve heard this: To build a successful business, you have to get crystal clear on who your ideal customers or clients are. What are their needs? Their likes and dislikes? Where can you reach them?

For example, say you know already that your target audience is moms. Are your moms busy millennials with irreverent style and humor? Pinterest fanatics who swoon for luxe accessories? Or low-key earth mamas searching for natural products? You can see how different answers to those questions translate to different choices about your brand.

But we also want to recommend one more question to consider as you think about your dream customers or clients. It’s one that gets overlooked sometimes.

What kind of people do you love working with?

In our own business, we’ve found that answering that question — and using the answer to guide our decisions — makes us and our clients happier. It sets us up for success.These are some things that the clients we really click with have in common:

They love...

...What they do.

They run a business they love or they’re preparing to launch a business so they can start loving what they do.


This is what really lights them up. They get that creativity and originality are what will really lift them above the competition. DesignGood clients receive the custom, hands-on creative attention they deserve so they can stand apart.


They’re inquisitive, excited, engaged. They love to collaborate with and learn from others. They seek out advice and inspiration from mentors and other experts with skills and knowledge that complement their own.


They communicate, meet deadlines and commit themselves to success. So do we.

They’re ready to...

...Get serious about launching a business, or revamping their current business.

They know that dreams don’t just happen. They’re willing to put in the time and energy it takes.

...Make their brand a priority.

While we do the creative heavy lifting for them, we can’t do it without their business information, their opinions and their decisions.

...They get that Branding is essential.

Meaningful, professional branding is a key to success. It’s the difference between companies that stand out and those that don’t.

...Success takes a team.

They’re focused on what they do best and want to find trusted partners to handle the rest.

...Experience makes a difference.

They feel better working with people who have done projects like theirs before.

Try making your own version describing your ideal customers. And, by the way, if our list sounds like you, get in touch with us — we could be the brand-building partner you’re looking for.

Much love and gratitude,
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