How to Get Unstuck and Finally Create Your Brand

How to Get Unstuck and Finally Create Your Brand

We get a lot of calls from potential clients who aren't sure if it's the right time to start working on their brands because they haven't quite figured everything out yet. They lack clarity on what they want to offer and how to actually start doing the work they think they want to be doing.

They might have some idea of who their audience is — but sometimes they have too many ideas and no defined direction. They’ve decided on the services they would provide — but then changed their mind. And changed it again … and again. They thought they had the perfect name — but then realized they actually hated it. Sound familiar?  

All of this questioning can stop entrepreneurs dead in their tracks. Their fear of getting started — and of getting everything "right" — keeps a lot of amazing businesses and brands from seeing the light of day. These are brands that could change lives, and businesses that could change the world.

Today, I want to help you move past the anxiety and take those powerful first steps toward turning your brand vision into a reality and starting that business or organization you so deeply know you want. I know, I know: You don't have it all figured out yet. But the good news is you don't have to.

Why You're Stuck

First, please know that any fear, hesitation or "stuckness" you're feeling is only natural. Launching a brand is a big deal. It means stepping out of your comfort zone and into the unknown. And, as a high-vibe entrepreneur, the brand you want to build is close to your heart. You didn't just pick the first idea you thought would make you some cash. The brand you envision is based on what you love, value and want to see in the world. It will embody your gifts, talents and the very essence of who you are. No pressure, right?

Feeling scared or stuck doesn't mean that you aren't supposed to create this brand. It just means you need a shift in perspective that gives you the freedom to start creating it.

You Have What You Need to Start

Your brand is so meaningful that you're driven to get it right. But, ironically, this is the very thing that can get you stuck.

That's because we can have a pretty narrow definition of what "getting it right" means. You might feel like you're supposed to know every single thing about what your brand is going to be and how it's going to succeed — from your services to what your website will look like to what you're going to wear when you give your first TED Talk. If you don't have all those answers, you don't feel like you can get started.

If that's what your inner voice sounds like, let me talk back to it for a second.

The universe wants to manifest something through you. It's given you a vision for what that is. That vision doesn't include all the answers, but it does give you what you need to start your journey.

Action Is Magic

I first started a company of my own almost 18 years ago. Believe me, I didn't sit down back then with a notebook and plot out exactly the brand that DesignGood is today. Far from it! It actually happened on a napkin, in a wine bar, with my business partner at the time. Two glasses in (or three), we looked at each other and said, “Hell yes. Let’s just do it!”

Today, my business works with a totally different type of client than I did when I first became an entrepreneur. I've evolved our process tremendously and shifted our services. That's meant scaling back some things while adding offerings I never would have foreseen but that increase the value of what we do. It has also meant getting very intentional about the people we DO want to work with and only working with those types of people.

I am thrilled with where our brand is now. I know to my core that I'm doing the work that I was put here to do and helping the people I am meant to serve.

But I didn't get here because I had some mystical ability to figure everything out ahead of time. I'm here because 18 years ago I just started. I acted on the vision I had then. And I firmly believe that because I did take action, the universe sent me the right people, experiences and opportunities to grow and evolve.

Start Some Momentum

And that's what will happen for you as well when you take the first steps to bring your brand to life. The universe loves it when you act boldly, and it will always amplify your energy and momentum.

Need some ideas on how to start?

  • Just do the work. How do you want to be serving people? And how can you start doing it now, even in a small way? You'll learn so much from this that will shape your brand. There's just nothing like seeing firsthand what your clients really need, what kinds of questions they ask and which clients you work best with.

  • Hire an expert. On your own, it's easy for your thinking to get stuck in a rut. Talking with someone else, especially someone who's helped other entrepreneurs through the same things that you're going through, can open up a new sense of excitement and possibility. At DesignGood, we developed our Brand Discovery Method to guide our clients to new levels of clarity. They frequently discover that the nagging questions that have been keeping them stuck are much easier to solve than they had realized.

  • Invest in your future. Sometimes entrepreneurs set an impossibly high bar for themselves when it comes to getting a "real" website, business cards or marketing materials. They feel that they have to prove themselves or get to a certain level before they can justify investing in their business. But this is actually counterproductive. When your branding reflects professionalism and credibility, that sends a message to your target clients. It also sends a message to you that you're serious and committed right now — that you believe in your brand even as you continue to shape it. You don't have to wait to be a real entrepreneur. You already are one.

  • Learn new things. We all change over time. And, for entrepreneurs, that also means that our brands change. You're never going to be "done," but that's a good thing. Follow your curiosities and expand your thinking. The books, classes, webinars, etc., that you're drawn to are guiding you toward what's next.

  • Be seen. The last point I want to leave you with is a big one. To do the work you really want to do and connect with the people you want to serve, you have to be seen. That's what a brand does — it makes you visible. Without a brand, your dream clients won't know that you're a perfect fit for their needs. They won't even know you exist! Invisibility can feel safer, but it's also what's keeping you frustrated and unfulfilled.

So how can you take one small step toward being more visible — toward getting your brand out of your imagination and putting it in the world? No matter what this step is for you, it will help you start attracting the things you want and building your momentum.

It's Your Time — and We Can Help

If this article has resonated with you, please know that's part of a divine plan to support your vision by leading you to the resources you need right now, whether those resources are DesignGood's other blog articles, our free tools or our branding services. Got questions? Need to talk? Shoot us an email or schedule a call with me. I can't wait to meet you and to see the brand you create!

Much love and gratitude,
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