How to Build a Consistent, Memorable Brand Post-Launch

How to Build a Consistent, Memorable Brand Post-Launch

At DesignGood, we create memorable, customized brands and websites that help our clients grow their businesses.

We give each client this piece of advice: The branding process doesn’t end when you launch your new logo and website. It must be consistent everywhere your potential customers encounter you.

So Why Is Consistency Such a Big Deal?

  • It helps customers trust you. They want to feel like they know you before they buy from you. Let's say your website looks sleek and professional, but your emails feel sloppy and abrupt. That makes it hard for customers to tell who you are — and whether they want to do business with you.
  • It proves to customers you have your act together. Consistency demonstrates that you think about the details. When you show customers that you’re attentive and professional with your brand, you’re also demonstrating that you’ll be attentive and professional when you work with them.
  • It gives you more opportunities to communicate your key messages. You never where you’ll encounter potential customers. So you have to put your best face forward wherever they are.

How to Build a Consistent Brand That Drives Sales

  • Get a consistent look. We believe this so strongly at DesignGood that it drives our work processes. For many of our clients, we create both their visual brand (their logo, the fonts and colors they’ll use, etc.) and their website. We don’t design the website until we complete the visual brand. The website then sets the design tone for other marketing materials they create, such as email templates or social media graphics. A consistent look helps customers recognize and remember you. Then repetition builds trust.
  • Establish a consistent voice. Just as you want your business to look the same anywhere customers encounter you, you also want to sound the same. Think about how you want your business to talk to customers. Is your voice, for example, hip and irreverent or gentle and nurturing? (Here’s a bonus tip: If you’re working with a branding team, choose one that offers both design and copywriting. This will ensure that your look and your voice work well together. Another level of consistency!)
  • Act consistently with your brand. We create a lot of beautiful work for you. But so much comes down to how you live your brand every single day. The words and design of your website could perfectly convey friendliness and creativity. But you undercut all of that if you make your clients feel rushed or that you’re telling them the same things you tell everyone else.

A powerful brand is a lot easier to attain when you work with branding experts who can both handle a wide range of work for you and who can help you zero in on the messages you should consistently emphasize. That’s what we do for our clients, and what we’d love to do for you. Call us today to talk more about your business.

Much love and gratitude,
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