What if You Saw Your Business as a Gift?

What if You Saw Your Business as a Gift?

Back in February, I took a trip to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show with two of my beloved clients, who also happen to be dear friends and coaches, Joshua Smith and Meribeth Privett (also of Soul Alchemy Energy). In between scavenging the massive tents for crystals, we chatted about our businesses and spirituality and how the two intersect. The three of us together spend lots of time supporting, and cheerleading each other in business. 

One thing that came up in our conversations is how the overwhelm of our businesses, along with the day-in, day-out inner workings, can sometimes make this thing we have created feel like an enemy or even a burden. This is a completely natural feeling, especially if you have had your business for some time and it’s not producing a desired outcome.

Even though our businesses have supported us and brought us much joy over the years, we have to expect highs and lows. When you are in the thick of a low, how can you shift out of that place? When you drill down to the energetics of viewing something you so carefully crafted and cared for as a burden or an enemy, it makes sense why you might be feeling out of alignment. When there is less joy and flow, things might not be showing up for us in our businesses the way we want them to. The key is learning to shift back into a place of possibility and opportunity quickly. After all, our businesses are just tools for us to have more of the things in life that we deeply desire. 

At DesignGood we talk a lot about keeping our vibes high. So what does that mean? Different emotions and different thoughts produce energy, and different frequencies of energy can either attract or delay the things we so deeply want. Oftentimes we are guilty of saying we want something, but our thoughts and actions are quite the opposite. This is often tied to how we choose to view and nurture our businesses. After all, if you are a high-vibe entrepreneur your business is created around your unique gifts, experiences, passions, and desires for what you want your life to look like. You actually are in control of creating what you want your business, and your experience to look like. 

But what if in those times of darkness in your business you choose to truly see it as a gift? The ultimate tool for having the life you desire. A life where you are doing the work you were put on this Earth to do. The work that lights you up and helps others in the process. What would that look like?  

You’re really only a shift in perception away from having the things you desire. 

Making the Shift in Perception

We've all hopefully heard this beautiful quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” 

Can your business become a gift for you? 

What is it that you truly want your business to bring you? More fun, more connection, more financial freedom, more time with friends and loved ones? 

How can you shift your perceptions and actions so that they become more in alignment with the things you say you want?

If you want your business to make you more money, and give you more time to enjoy your success, you might actually have to start charging what you are worth. Your business should leave you feeling supported. If you don’t feel like you can charge more right now, how can you add value or depth to your current offerings so that you can? 

Another example: How can your business allow you to spend more time NOT working? What can you automate? Can you get help? Can you document processes and steps so things run more smoothly? Can you eliminate a service that takes too much time and doesn't bring you much in return and then double down on the offerings that do?

Whatever it is you want, chances are your business can bring it to you once you are in the energetic space for it, and you can view it from a fresh lense of opportunity. I can tell you this firsthand. Even though I have been in business for 17 years, and in the industry for 25, Josh and Meribeth helped me create a new mantra that shifted the course of my business this year. I’d like to share it with you:

My business is a tool for me to have the life I desire, and a new avenue for abundance to flow to me. My business gives me the freedom to experience more joy, abundance, time and financial security. My business is my direct connection for money to flow to me freely and effortlessly. All I need to do is create, be of service, let go and ask for what I need. I am completely supported by the universe.

Every time I read my mantra, it resets my mind and spirit and reminds me that I have this beautiful opportunity to connect with the things that I desire and to feel very supported by my business. It feels empowering. It feels new and inspiring. These are all higher vibrational energies. 

And you have the same opportunity with your business. When you remember that your business is a gift and not a burden, you shift your energy and open up immense possibility.

Need some help making this shift? We’re here for you. When you work with DesignGood, we’ll take a deep look at all aspects of your business, brand and being, so we can help co-create a brand that allows for more of what you want in both business and in life. 

Contact us to get started. Not quite ready to become a client? Keep an eye out for the launch of our new online course, More Flow, Less Hustle. We’ll teach you how to follow the steps, strategies and practices that have worked time and again to create powerful results for DesignGood clients. Through heartfelt and practical lessons, you’ll clarify your unique value, the audience you want to serve, how to shape or reshape your business and how to use your brand to reach your goals. Want to be the first to learn when More Flow, Less Hustle launches? Get on the list for updates.

P.S. Happy birthday to my favorite Geminis Josh and Meribeth!

Much love and gratitude,
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