What’s It Really Like to Work With a Branding Studio?

What’s It Really Like to Work With a Branding Studio?

We get it: You know your business needs a stronger brand to attract customers and drive results. But it’s a big deal to hire outside help. What can you expect? How does it all work?Allow us to do some demystifying.

What do I actually get if I hire a branding studio?

It depends on your project, of course. But at DesignGood, our deliverables include things like:

  • A visual identity that tells the world what you have to offer and attracts your dream customers.
  • A platform for you to start doing business and putting your company out there.
  • A fully customized website as unique as your business is.
  • Supporting graphics and illustrations that instantly show website visitors what you do and why you stand out.
  • Copy that speaks in your "voice" and compels action, including naming and taglines.
  • Easy-to-follow brand and style guides that document the elements of your newly established brand, voice and visual elements.

How long does a branding project take?

DesignGood projects usually take around 12 weeks. But, again, that depends on the project and on how the client collaborates with us. Which brings us to…

What will a branding studio ask me to do?

We take care of the creative heavy lifting for clients, but they do have essential roles in every branding project, including

  • Being willing to look hard at their business and tell us about their strengths, weaknesses, needs and goals.
  • Giving us the feedback and other info we need in a timely way to keep projects on track.

What other questions do you have about working a branding studio like DesignGood? We’re always happy to hop on the phone and tell you more. Schedule a call today.

Much love and gratitude,
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