“Branding” has become a business buzzword.

It gets thrown around a lot without any really addressing a couple of big questions:

  1. What does it really mean to have a great brand?
  2. What does a great brand do for your business?

Here’s how we’d answer those questions:

Customers and clients look for different things now than they did in the past. Instead of simply buying a product or a service, they want a brand experience and connection.

Your brand is how you look and how you feel to your customers. At DesignGood, we give you unforgettable designs and powerful statements to communicate your essence and your value to your customers.

Your brand is also the words you use. It’s how you tell your story, how you talk about your business and how you present your products and services.

Your brand gains power when it’s consistent and present everywhere your dream customers are.

Great branding makes it instantly clear why you stand out. It gets you noticed in a noisy marketplace.

Your brand is what people think about when they think about your company. It’s something that either helps you or harms you in every interaction you have with potential and existing customers.

Your brand is not something you can leave to chance. Smart companies know they have to do something unique and compelling to attract and delight their customers.

And that’s exactly why businesses come to us. We have been creating and building brands for over 18 years.

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