What’s It Really Like to Work With a Branding Studio?

We get it: You know your business needs a stronger brand to attract customers and drive results. But it’s a big deal to hire outside help. What can you expect? How does it all work?

Allow us to do some demystifying.

What do I actually get if I hire a branding studio?

It depends on your project, of course. But at DesignGood, our deliverables include things like:

  • A visual identity that tells the world what you have to offer and attracts your dream customers.
  • A platform for you to start doing business and putting your company out there.
  • A fully customized website as unique as your business is.
  • Supporting graphics and illustrations that instantly show website visitors what you do and why you stand out.
  • Copy that speaks in your “voice” and compels action, including naming and taglines.
  • Easy-to-follow brand and style guides that document the elements of your newly established brand, voice and visual elements.

How long does a branding project take?

DesignGood projects usually take around 12 weeks. But, again, that depends on the project and on how the client collaborates with us. Which brings us to …

What will a branding studio ask me to do?

We take care of the creative heavy lifting for clients, but they do have essential roles in every branding project, including

  • Being willing to look hard at their business and tell us about their strengths, weaknesses, needs and goals.
  • Giving us the feedback and other info we need in a timely way to keep projects on track.

What other questions do you have about working a branding studio like DesignGood? We’re always happy to hop on the phone and tell you more. Schedule a call today.

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