How to Build Trust with Your Audience Through Story

Storytelling has been a big marketing buzzword lately, and rightfully so. There have been countless studies showing how emotional decision-making really is. We choose based on a gut instinct, or how deeply we connect to one of the choices. Customers want to feel aligned with a brand; they’re keenly aware of when they have found…
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To Stand Out, Find Your Voice — Here’s How

Have you ever noticed that businesses in the same field often sound alike when you visit their websites, blogs or social media feeds? When you speak in the same “brand voice” as your competitors, you’re not giving prospective customers a reason to choose you. But how do you find your voice — the one that…
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How to Write a Unique Selling Proposition

When someone asks what your business does, do you stumble when you answer? Do you have trouble coming up with focused, compelling marketing messages? If you’re nodding your head to these questions, we’ve got an assignment for you: Develop your unique selling proposition. Also known as an “elevator pitch,” your USP is a business essential….
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