How To Be Successful: The 3 Questions To Ask Yourself Now

It happens to all of us on the career path: We get busy, lose focus, drift away from our True North. If you’re experiencing this in your life or in your business, life coach Mike Rinehart of Your Beyond has a suggestion for something that may help you find your center. Mike’s insights come from a pretty amazing array of experiences. Besides being a coach, he’s also an attorney and ordained minister, and he’s been a real-estate developer and led an entertainment company. In other words, this guy knows what he’s talking about. And now, we’ll let Mike do the talking…

If you seek true success and are looking for more than an answer that looks good on paper, you have to live these answers, not just know them.

As an entrepreneur and as a mentor, I’ve learned that there are three questions that lead us to success – just three questions that truly teach us how to be successful. These questions may seem simple or obvious at first, or they may seem unanswerable. But of the hundreds of people I’ve worked with, none has known the in-depth answers at first.

This is an important practice, and not one that you want to speed through it you’re looking for accurate, quality results. Take some time to answer these questions, either for yourself or together with your colleagues as a company. And then take it a step farther. If you seek true success and are looking for more than an answer that looks good on paper, you have to live these answers, not just know them.


1. Who am I?

I’m not talking about your habits, characteristics or roles in life. Think about the core of who you are (as an individual or a company) — your essence. What makes you tick? What is there beneath everything?

2. Why am I here?

What is your purpose for being on this planet at this time? What are you or your company here to provide? Think about this in terms of providing an experience, not a product or service.

3. Who will you listen to?

We all listen to other people – investors, customers, spouses, partners, coaches, mentors, advisors, etc. And at the end, we turn to someone to tell us who we are and what to do next. Who is that for you or for your company? Whose opinion do you truly value – who knows you the best, and can help you the most? Be prepared to listen fully and take in what’s being said. It can help you in more ways that you might imagine.

Learning how to be successful isn’t easy and the answers aren’t clear cut. Just like success means things to different people, the path to success can also look different.

These three questions will help you on the way to unlocking success. That’s all there is. It really is that simple — and that complex.

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