Should You Advertise on Social Media?

The social media landscape changes daily. The Big 4 (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) tweak their algorithms so that users see things they’ll find interesting or beautiful, whether that be an image of a friend’s child or a styled shot from a brand they like. Thousands of users create social media accounts each day. The more accounts that are created, the harder it is for brands to organically rise to the top of feeds. So what do brands do? They advertise on social media.

Paid advertising on social media is a necessity, especially when a brand is competing for face time with a specific audience and wants to broaden its reach. Organic likes, comments, shares, retweets, etc., are gold, but they’re no longer enough to help brands reach their target audience. The competition is stiff, so Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest offer the opportunity for brands to advertise. Brands can target a specific audience, and the social media channels have a revenue stream.

So why should your brand advertise on social media?

  1. You want to reach beyond your current followers and likers.
  2. You want to target a specific audience (for example, women, ages 25-54, moms with a college degree, household income of $200,000).
  3. You want to increase conversion on your website.
  4. You want a specific post to be seen instead of being buried in users’ feeds.

We’re here to help brands decide when to advertise on social media, how much money to put into each channel, what channels to funnel their money into and which campaign is best to achieve their goals.

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