Are You Sending the Right Messages to Attract What You Want In Your Business?

Having a specific, authentic voice will set your brand apart, especially in the crowded world of social media. When someone encounters your social posts, they should clearly hear and understand your brand’s voice. Ready for some voice lessons? We’ve got five tips on how to find and maintain your social media voice.

1. Know your audience.

You must know the customer you’re trying to reach before establishing your brand’s social media voice. For example, if you are trying to sell a product to 45-year-old women who are senior executives and love fitness, you need to know their language. You also have to know what social platforms your audience uses.

2. Make a vision board for your brand’s voice.

If you’ve ever used vision board to map out goals or ideas, it’s also a great way to explore your brand’s social media voice. If your brand were a person, what would he/she like to do? What books and publications does your brand read? Would your brand drink wine over beer – black coffee or a latte? How would your brand dress, and what is your brand’s sense of humor? Most importantly, what is your brand’s “why”?

3. Don’t be too promotional.

The best brands don’t feel like brands. Establish trust with your audience and show them that you genuinely care. Connect with their desires, dreams and truths. You want your followers to understand that they are more than just a transaction. It might help here to think about brands you follow and how their voices make you feel. Want to know more? Check out this book we love on establishing your voice.

4. Craft and refine your social media copy.

Before you start posting on your brand’s social media channels, write sample copy so you can hone your voice. You want to have a solid understanding and guidelines for your brand’s voice before you introduce it to the world. We recommend having a month’s worth of copy written that you can study before you start posting. Does what you’ve written align with your goals for your social media voice? 

5. Stay consistent.

Once you establish your voice, keep it consistent. This builds brand awareness and makes your audience confident in what you have to offer. If multiple people run your social media channels, it’s vital that they are on the same page. It helps to have guidelines about brand voice that everyone can refer back to.

If you need more guidance on how to establish your brand’s social media voice, give us a call. We’d love to guide you through the process.

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